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How to Stop iPhone iOS 11 Battery Life From Draining Faster

Are you experiencing fast battery drainage on your iPhone device since it was updated with the latest Apple’s iOS 11? Was the battery life more efficient and lasting before now, and suddenly becoming low after some few hours of usage? Are you thinking that the fast battery drainage is normal due to your iPhone device battery capacity?

Like some people asked “I noticed a decrease in my battery life after I installed iOS 11 on my iPhone (6S Plus) and so forth. What could be the problem Apple? I need a fast solution” Now, no matter the thoughts you are already having over your device’s battery running low without much or less usage, here is one culprit that might be doing the bad work of decreasing your iPhone or iPad device’s battery life, and a better solution to resolve such catastrophe.

Checking and setting up some certain things from your phone settings matters a lot, in order to put an end to Apple inadvertently wrecking your battery life drastically. So solving the iOS 11’s battery problem, is a must do if you wish for a long lasting battery life after charging to maximum battery bar or level from any power electric source.

The thing is that, each new version of Apple’s iOS update always bring complaints from users regarding to the drastic battery drain. Although, some discussions I came across in some forums, has it that users are using their iPhone more and likely exploring all the new features that the update came with. And that tends to run the battery low so quickly. While some have it that, the new OS is making a bunch of rewriting or caching which lead to battery life running low faster.

iOS 11 Battery Optimization settings

With what others are saying to be the cause of battery drainage, here is another culprit you really need to take care of on your iPhone device.

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Mail fail
Ensure the new updated iOS 11 on your iPhone didn’t change your device’s Email settings from “manual” to “fetch.” You can believe with me, if you are the type that have already or been searching for tips in prolonging your iPhone battery life, then you must have come across this set up: Just turn off email fetch from settings and set it to manual. The reason why you have to do that, is because, iPhone battery life suffers, when your device automatically update in checking for new mail messages for every 15 or 30 minutes of time. (As in it keep updating it’s self in order to display any new message sent to your mail inbox).

iPhone iOS 11 Mail settings

The best thing to do, is to set your account via your iPhone email settings to “manual,” instead of fetch. As this will help in prolonging your phone battery life. So whenever you wish to check mail, you login to the mail app and retrieve your messages.

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How to switch from fetch to manual settings for Mail App running on iOS 11 version

Now extend your (iPhone 5s, 6s, 7, 8 plus, iPhone X) battery life running iOS 11, by going to settings > Accounts & Passwords > Fetch New Data and ensure to change from “fetch” to “Manually

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