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How to Speed Up iPhones Updated with Latest iOS 11 (8 Smart Ways)

Have you updated your new or old iPhone device with the latest Apple’s iOS 11 version released this 2017? If yes, did your iPhone performance become bad automatically after upgrading to iOS 11? Now, if you are experiencing slow performance on your iPhone device because it’s been upgraded to iOS 11, here comes an amazing 8 smart ways to get your iPhones and iPads speed up in performance. if you are yet to download and install Apple’s iOS 11 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod devices, then navigate here to see the list of compatible devices and also simplified guide on how to get the device updated to the new Apple’s mobile operating system in few minutes.

After updating your device with the provided 2 simplified steps from the above link. You can then proceed with below optimization should in case your smartphone is acting sluggish. So in other words, below comes how to speed up and make your iPhone devices carry out functionality operations faster.

Speed Up iPhones running iOS 11

8 Ways to Speed Up an iPhone performance

1. Free up memory storage space
Get your iPhone run faster or freed up from running slower by deleting some apps, photos and videos you no longer use. Or you can move the mobile files like media files mentioned above to the cloud in case you still need them in future. Doing this will lighten the load your iPhone is occupied with. if you are following my daily published articles here on this blog, you will find out that, the new iOS 11 feature came with better tools that can help user manage and regain some storage space. To locate such tool in your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage and choose Manage Storage found under the Storage section. From this section, you will see a colorful chart bar displaying how much space has been used/consumed and how much free space is remaining. Right below the chart, there are few tool recommendations talking about how to save storage space, with the new option that has the ability to Offload Unused Apps, Auto Delete Old Conversations (texts and attachments recorded to be more than one-year-old), enable iCloud Photo Library, and get to Review Large Attachment files.

iPhone Storage & iCloud Settings

2. Utilize HEIF

Having Apple’s iOS 11 running on your smart iPhone device, you can use an option of file formats for videos and photos. This feature introduced in iPhone device enables you to formats your photos and videos to smaller file sizes if very big. So if it happens that photos and videos are mostly the files occupying your storage memory, then you are advised to use HEIF format for photos and HEVC format, for videos. To use these features, go to Settings > Camera > Formats & select High Efficiency to use the new HEIF and HEVC formats.
iPhone HEIF and HEVC format settings
Note: These new formats settings cannot be seen on older iPhones and that of iPad tablet phones. But can only be seen on devices with at least A10 Fusion chip — iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, 10.5-inch iPad Pro, second-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro and above. So having your device under these generations can snap photos with the HEIF format and as well shoot videos with the HEVC format. 

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3. Ensure to Update your Apps
Getting your applications updated after upgrading your device to iOS 11 is a welcomed development. As this will enable the already existing apps run smoothly on the latest iOS version update. You should know that running old apps after installing the new iOS will definitely run slow unless you update. So to update your apps after upgrading, Open App Store > click Updates and then > tap Update all to get all your apps updated. That’s all for such.

4. Stop Automatic updates
The latest iOS 11 runs some process in the background so as to make life and usage easier for users. So in other words, some apps update themselves automatically in the background without the knowledge of the user, which results to having lots of badge alerts on the device’s App Store icon.

You should know that, leaving your apps to get updated automatically without your knowledge, gets your device’s Central Processing Unit (CPU) filled up. And this also drain battery to the core. So you are advised to disable the feature and then get your apps updated manually by yourself whenever you wish to through Apple App Store.

Now, to disable the feature, go to your iPhone settings > iTunes & App Store and then tap the toggle switch to turn off Updates in the Automatic Downloads section. There you will also see 3 other options, which are: Music, Apps and Books & Audiobooks. They are used for sharing downloads to another iOS device. If you enable the options, any new purchase you make in the iTunes Store, iBooks Store or App Store automatically sync across your devices.

iphone iOS 11 automatic update settings

5. Stop Background App Refresh

If your device is still occupied, then this further tips will enhance a better performance. Some apps automatically refresh their content in background without your knowledge. Such apps are Facebook or Twitter feed, they update themselves ones you open them for usage, thereby occupying your device’s CPU cycles. To turn off such feature from carrying out such task, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and click toggle switch off. You can as well, use another approach of a la carte and then leave the Background App Refresh enabled as seen in below screenshot.

iPhone background app refresh settings

6. Ensure to Reduce Motion Effects and Transparency (Below is how to go about it)
In iPhone devices, Apple company added a number of effects in other to give the iOS a sense of depth when you open and close applications. And these motion effects in talk, basically improve your experience, but not if they result in choppy animations. Now to get such feature disabled on your iPhone device, navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and then tap on the toggle switch to turn ON the Reduce Motion. For further set up, you can toggle off Auto-Play Message Effects, but this will remove some fun in texting mode.

After above, the next thing to do, is to go back to the Accessibility screen, just tap on the line above Reduce Motion which is named Increase Contrast and then click toggle switch to turn ON the Reduce Transparency. The function of this settings you just applied or activate, reduces the transparency and blur effects, ostensibly to increase legibility. Enhances the processor to handle your device’s graphics better.
iPhone Accessibility Reduce Motion settings

7. Set up Location Services to Standard
One of the things that drain up your iPhone battery life faster is location services. Some apps use your device’s GPS in other to get or request your location. And such leads to low performance in battery life span. Now this is how to put an end to excess battery drainage on devices running on iOS 11 update. Meanwhile, Apple made it easy for users, as they provided a special option for managing and controlling how apps access your location. So as it stands, you can disable the feature from apps even when the developers didn’t put options for removing the tracking ID locations. To disable such feature, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, from here adjust all the apps using location services to your choice of standard. 

8. Rebooting Can Be an Option
Rebooting your device can be an alternative measure to freeing up your RAM storage, thereby speeding up the iPhone to operate faster. So if the device seems to hang or become very slow in loading an operation, then power off and leave it for some time to cool off, and then power ON again. Sometimes this simple step gets your iPhone, iPad and iPod devices in order, that is, in their normal state built by Apple Mobile & Tablet Manufacturing Company.

That’s all on how to speed up your iPhone performance running on latest iOS 11 version. Ensure to drop your comments and share the post with friends using the below social media network share buttons. Thanks.