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Xiaomi Mi Express Kiosks Launched Machines That Sell Smartphones and Mobile Accessories

Buying a handset and other digital accessories and … For several years now, it’s no longer just traditionally forbidden. Internet sales have opened up well in all countries. Xiaomi, however, has creative ideas for selling his products, and this time he has offered kioski, which at first glance is like keeping a glass of glacier.

These kiosks, known as Mi Express Kiosks, are located in India so that the enthusiasts of the latest Xiaomi smartphones and accessories can buy these products directly with credit card or cash.

Xiaomi is the first brand to launch this innovative retail model in India. Since this idea is automatic, there is no need to hire a salesperson. So Xiaomi does not have the expense of an employee, and it will simplify sales. This sales model is likely to be interesting for people as they can buy products anywhere in the city, thanks to 50 kiosks that are supposed to be in the city.

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Kiosk selling Xiaomi handset and accessories

Xiaomi Mi Express Kiosks

A similar experience in Shiraz

I have seen samples of this type of sales booths (albeit exaggerated) in one of the Shiraz clinics (martyr Rezaie’s clinic), which sells meals like cakes and biscuits. I do not know if this sales bump still works, but for the first time I came across this device, which was an interesting experience for me.

What do you think of this? Have you ever seen such a system in your city? Share your views with us.

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