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Top 3 Characteristics of The Best Home Speaker

Tablets and smartphones are fabulous devices; however, all of them have one big flaw: their speakers are awful. Songs playing over streaming services, or your personal MP3 collection, are going to sound great through some quality headphones, yet if you really want to play tunes out loud, you will be stuck having to listen to your device’s tiny, subpar speakers.

Luckily, there is hope! Using Bluetooth home speakers, it’s possible to connect your tablet or smartphone and listen to your music like it was meant to be heard: wire-free, and with the right treble and bass. Bluetooth home speakers are available in all sizes and shapes, which ranges from kid-oriented units that are only a couple of inches in height to boom-box-sized goliaths that are ideal for a day at the beach.

If you are prepared to set up wireless streaming inside your house, or you simply want to set your tunes free, a Bang and Olufsen Bluetooth speaker is your top option. Here is everything you should know to choose the right one.

Bluetooth: What is it?

It’s a wireless technology, connecting devices over a brief distance.

For example, Bluetooth technology may connect headsets or headphones to a smartphone wire-free. A wireless keyboard may also connect to a computer over Bluetooth.

It’s among the easiest wireless connection technologies you can use. Just turn on the Bluetooth abilities on both devices in order to make a connection. Then, the devices are automatically paired.

Tips on Bluetooth Speakers

  • A lot of Bang and Olufsen Bluetooth speakers have a battery that’s able to power additional devices. That means the speaker may charge a smartphone while you are on the run.
  • A Bang and Olufsen Bluetooth speaker offers a maximum connection range of around 33’. Wi-Fi speakers have a maximum connection range of approximately 125’.
  • Some speakers may use both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity options.
  • Bang and Olufsen Bluetooth speakers are made to be used in the home with an AC adapter which plugs into the wall.
  • Portable home speakers operate from a battery for on-the-run power. A few speakers provide both plug-in and battery options.

Bluetooth: Why choose it?

Typically, large-wired speakers outperform small Bluetooth speakers as far as overall audio quality is concerned. But Bluetooth has more benefits over wired speakers in additional areas. So, without further ado, here are the top three characteristics to look for in the best home speaker:

Make Sure It Offers High-Quality Sound

An audiophile enthusiast will not obtain the kind of high-end audio quality she or he desires using a Bluetooth speaker. However, for many individuals, amplifiers that are built into Bluetooth speakers produce more-than-adequate quality of sound.

Ease of use is Important

Bluetooth connectivity is among the easiest methods of making a wireless connection. Simply place the two devices near one another, switch on Bluetooth, and the devices will pair with one another.

Portability is Key

Maybe the best part about Bluetooth speakers involves their portability. It’s possible to take them anywhere, outdoors or indoors, enabling you to play songs wherever you go without any wires. Bluetooth speakers operate from either an AC adapter or battery. The battery provides them even more portability.

Those three characteristics were great, but wait, we’ve got one more aspect you should not overlook in a home speaker:

A Variety of Connectivity Options

Bluetooth speakers are able to connect with different devices. It is possible to connect a tablet, laptop, MP3 player, or smartphone to the Bluetooth speaker.

Considering the poor-quality speakers that are built into those devices, connecting a Bang and Olufsen Bluetooth speaker vastly improves the audio quality of such devices.

Bluetooth speakers: Are they safe for use outdoors?

It’s possible to use any Bang and Olufsen portable Bluetooth speaker in outdoor, dry weather. Just make sure you keep it out of direct sunlight for prolonged time periods in order to avoid damage to the case. But, if you will be using the Bluetooth home speaker near water or in wet weather, you need a weather- or water-resistant model.