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7 Best Video Editing Tips for Beginners

If you have even shot videos or short films, you know that the battle is not won yet. The most important part of it is the post-processing stage. For your video or film to make the final cut, technical expertise and creativity play a significant role. Video editing can seem like a cumbersome process to beginners, but it is not so in reality. This article aims at giving you hacks and tips to make the process easier while crafting your passion into perfection. 

1. Choose The Appropriate Editing Software

As a beginner, you might be overwhelmed by the plethora of video editing software available on the market. Some of the things you must consider while choosing the right video editing software are usability, features, digital interface and ease of usage. The key is not to have the latest software available but the one that suits your requirements and, subsequently, your editing style. 

Some popular favorites among video editing beginners are InVideo, Final Cut Pro, Autodesk Smoke, Sony Vegas, etc.  InVideo is a good choice for beginners as it works online. You can use InVideo as an Online Video Editor and it will help you a lot. 

2. Use a Computer with the right kind of processor

No, this is not the debate between MACs and PCs, but rather the performance of whatever computer you are using.  Video editing and rendering need a good processor to complete the task seamlessly. If you are using a system with a smaller processor than required, the editing takes a long time, and there is a good chance that your system may crash while working. However, you do not have to invest in a new computer altogether. You can go for an upgrade instead. It is easier, pocket friendly and most importantly, get the job done. Also, keep in mind that the mobile version of the same video editing app/software has limited scope compared to that of the computer version. 

3. Expose yourself to tutorials

There is no shortage of tutorials on the internet. However, it does not help to watch random tutorials just because it is soothing or aesthetic. Instead, start watching tutorials relevant to what you want to learn in video editing. Do not study the specific piece being edited in the tutorial, but the technique used. Once you master the processes and the outcome’s effects, you can use that to edit any video. You can also check out the websites of the video editing software to understand the unique techniques that you can use in your next editing project. 

4. Lesser, the Better

Video editing software these days offer a plethora of options, effects and techniques to choose from. The editing options are endless. Use the effects sparingly. Going overboard and using too many effects may spoil the outcome, making your video look tacky and amateurish. It is helpful to keep one rule in mind: use an effect only if it enhances the development. Choose smooth and non-flashy transitions so that your video is smooth and there is no room for distraction to the viewers. 

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5. Shoot Longer clips, but make crisp cuts

If you are shooting a video, leave a tail on either end of the video, preferably 10-15 seconds on each side. This will help you in editing the video seamlessly. As a result, the video appears free-flowing and not choppy. When it comes to editing in terms of cutting, make your cuts as crisp as possible. Cut out any pauses, awkward silences, and distractions that are not a part of what was intended in your video. It will ensure that your video is smoother and more palatable to your audience. Another added advantage is reduced run time. 

6. Organise your folders

Keep copies of your work organised well in folders. It will help you to retrieve the video if something goes wrong. 

7. Use good music

Make sure that the music you choose for your video is relevant. It will help the audience connect with your work. 

By following these simple tips, you can get your video editing game on point. With every video you edit, there is a lot that you learn. You can use these in your upcoming videos to connect with your audience and convey everything you want to through your perfect videos.