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Best tips for Creating a Banner with no Design Skills

Banners are an essential tool in your marketing game. The goal of an online banner is to promote a specific product or service to potential customers. Visitors will click on the banner, which leads them to the shopping point. 

Keep in mind that you don’t need to have design skills to create the perfect converting banner. However, the design will determine the success of your banner. In this post, we share a few tips on making a banner with no design skills. Once you go through it, you will know how to create a victorious banner that converts.

The formula for a successful banner

Before you learn how to make a banner with no design skills, it is essential to know the three basic elements. Firstly, you should add an attractive background image that speaks of your brand. It should grab people’s attention and reveal more about your brand.

Next comes your brand logo. This is a crucial step in the process, as you need to bring your brand identity. Next comes the CTA or call to action. This gives the visitors a clear picture of what you offer. 

How to make a banner

Use Viewst

If you love to get creative and show off your skills, Viewst can help you create a banner. Look for convenient online tools such as Views, which has plenty of options to customize your banner. This editor won’t take you much time to figure it out, and you can get to designing in no time.


Although we use this tool solely for creating presentations, don’t forget that it can be helpful for other tasks. Powerpoint can help you create animated and static banners within a few simple steps. All you need to do is change the template to a banner and release your creativity. As we already mentioned, add the three vital banner elements, and your design is ready to go. 

Hire graphic designer

If you don’t have enough time to create your banner, you can pay someone to do it for you. Even if you don’t have a large budget for this, you can still manage to pay a professional designer for a banner. Explore the popular freelancing platforms, as there are plenty of talented designers out there. Although prices can vary, you can get a banner for $15 or less if you are lucky. To make sure that you find the right fit, check their work samples and portfolio. See if their style fits your specific requirements and work with the one that matches your needs.

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How to create the perfect design

When designing your banner, make sure to have the target audience in mind. A general banner won’t generate as many clicks as a target-oriented one. Understand what your customers need and want, and use this to attract them. When it comes to designing the perfect banner, there are a few technical aspects to consider:

Make sure to save your banner in JPG or PNG format. Otherwise, the file will be too heavy and will slow down the website. 

Minimum text

Since the banner is small, you can’t overload it with text. Instead, you need to pass your message using colors, fonts, and images. Add your logo to bring the brand identity while also incorporating your brand colors.


The call to action is an essential element that will determine the success of your banner. Visitors need to understand what they are required to do, so make sure it is pretty straightforward. Offer something useful for them, such as a discount or gifts.