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How Netflix Beta Features is Turned On or Off

If you happen to be a longtime user of Netflix, it might actually happen that you are a beta tester – unknown to you. Netflix, unlike programs such as Windows 10 Insider preview, may silently pass along new features across to you before making it available to every other person in the world. The button labelled “Skip Intro” is one of such examples.

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After I enrolled in Netflix test participation just by default (as I do not actually remember ever signing up for it).  In this publication, I will guide you on how to check and know if actually you have been signed up as a Netflix test participator, and how you can opt out of it if you wish to. Below is how to go about the Netflix Test after sub.

How You can Opt-out of / Opt-in to Netflix Test Participation

To opt-out, opt-in, or just find out if you actually have Netflix test participation turned on, just login to your Netflix account. Next select “Account” and click “Test participation“. The next step is to switch Netflix test participation off or on in the box which reads “Include me in tests and previews”. You might not notice any difference after you do this.

Netflix will not tell someone when they are using them as guinea pigs. In essence, if anything is seriously wrong with your service on Netflix and you don’t have any way of knowing what happened, turning off the Netflix test participation might be a very good step.

test participation in Netflix

As for me, I will leave it on. I have not had any issue whatsoever with my Netflix account, neither have I one to recognize any fascinating new feature. Perhaps I might someday.

Have you observed any new test feature on Netflix? Let us know about them through the comment box below.