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New Instagram Feature – Ability to Send Audio Voice Record Messages

The Instagram is a striking example of an endless effort that we constantly face with new features on its platform. There is still a long overdue offer of features like the removal of fake and fake comments, and the close friend capability, which now allows voice messages to be sent to Direct.

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From now on, you can record and send a short message on the right side of the screen by holding your finger on the microphone, which is displayed on a hyperlink like a beautiful sound wave (slightly different from the Watts up or Telegram). From that side, the recipient of the message will get it by tapping the playback icon.

You can only send an audio message to Instagram for 1 minute. Meanwhile, this message will not be deleted like other messages and will remain on the directory.

This new Instagram feature can be more appealing to several categories of people, one that is constantly walking, or drivers who are not comfortable typing the message at the right moment, and the second group of people who are not familiar with the official language. They do not find their language easily on keyboards.

Have you received the newly introduced instagram voice recorder message feature on your instagram app or yet to?