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Vitaminwater Smartphone Contest: Win $100,000 Without Use of Smartphone for a Year

These days, technology is an integral part of life, and so far we cannot live without the Internet, smartphone, social networks, and so on.

no smartphone to win huge money

Now a US-based company called Vitamin Water is a challenge for smartphone users, a challenge that is likely to be impossible for most people, but if anyone can afford it, it will get good money. The challenge of Vitamin Water is that you do not have to use any smartphone or tablet for a year and get a $100,000 bonus at the end of the year!

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Vitamin Water will give people who want to take part in this challenge, a simple phone that can only make calls. Of course, the use of a laptop does not preclude. They can also use Google Home or Amazon Echo. If people cannot complete this one-year course, they will receive $ 10,000 after a 6-month period that has been successfully completed.

In the end, those who can successfully complete a one-year or six-month period must engage in a polygon test to ensure that Vitamin-Water is well-trained without any fraud.

By launching this challenge, the company intends to encourage people to do unique work during their time.

Users will have to post a nophoneforyear # and contest # hashtag on Twitter or Instagram, and they’ll tell you what they can do if they cannot solve the challenge. The challenge will begin on January 8, 2019.

Lols, Can you sacrifice the use of any smartphone for a whole one year just to win the huge money of $100,000? Please tell us via the comment box.