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Samsung Waterproof Smartphone’s Advert Might Be Misleading

One of the ads that Samsung makes about its products, especially its smartphones, is to maneuver on their waterproofing capabilities. Now the Australian Consumer Protection Association has filed a complaint with Samsung due to inaccurate information. Samsung has apparently shown that people are surfing the pool or the sea with their handsets in one of their recent ads in Australia on smartphones. So the expectation is that these Samsung handsets are completely waterproof and can be completely resistant to any water, seawater, and swimming pool, and users can use it without worrying about the phone being damaged.

Although such a promotion has been broadcast from Samsung, some Samsung smartphone models, such as S and A, are only resistant to pure water and up to a certain depth and time. For example, Samsung claims that the Galaxy S10 can withstand water and dust for only 30 minutes and up to a maximum depth of 1.5 meters. Of course, you should also know that on the Samsung website and with a smaller font, it is advised to use this phone at the pool or on the beach.

Samsung in Australia sells its waterproof gadgets at high prices because the waterproofing of the phone is very important for Australians. For example, the waterproof Galaxy S10e is sold for around $830, but the Galaxy J8, which is not waterproof, costs only about $280.

Now, it seems, the ad that Samsung has provided about its phones is far from what is really true. Consequently, the ACCC believes that Samsung has shown Galaxy handsets that are not suited to these phones, in order to attract buyers to their ads. According to the rules of Australian consumers, companies can not show the ability of their products to be more than realistic, to show buyers and distract their minds.

Lastly, consider that Samsung itself also suggested on its website that its smartphones should not be used at pool or in water, since the cost of the phones of this company, especially its high-end phones, we recommend you to be cautious of this Do not work.