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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G got exploded

The story of the Samsung Galaxy Note could now be repeated again. This time the image of a Galaxy S10 5G was blown up.

One of the people who bought the Galaxy S10 5G recently reported that its phone had exploded. He has published images from his phone that the front and rear panels of the camera are burnt and broken. Samsung has been following this story and has investigated the blown phone and finally explained that the blast was not due to the performance of the phone, but its main cause was external influences. Samsung says about the Galaxy S10 5G blast:

After taking the phone from the customer, Samsung scrutinized the device and realized that the blast was due to external influences.

 Galaxy S10 5G
Image of Galaxy S10 5G smartphone that got exploded

The owner of the Galaxy S10 5G, however, describes the story differently. According to her, for no reason, the handset is starting to get hot, and the Galaxy S10 explains why it exploded:

When I felt the phone was too hot, I put it on the desk. My phone was on the table with a burning smell and then smoke came out.

Though Samsung has said the problem has had environmental effects, Samsung’s history has been blown up by the blast of Galaxy Note 7 phones before a lot of users have been down. Now we have to wait and see whether the Galaxy S10 will explode again.

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