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Huawei Company Producing 5G 8K TV Devices

Huawei is the first company to build a 5G TV with 8K resolution and a next-generation wireless standard with Gigabit Ethernet power. If this product is commercialized, it will not only be the first to combine the two technologies, but the first Huawei TV production after years of supplying parts for other Chinese television companies such as Haynes, Skywaters and Shanjong.

Not only will it be able to receive the 5G range, but also according to the sources, Gigabit connects to other devices in the same way as the wireless router. The reason Huawei decided to enter the world of making the TV is that he wants to complete his ecosystem from products such as smartphones, laptops and wearable devices. The TV is the latest piece of the puzzle that will be released shortly.

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An 8K 5G TV is now more like a dream because the infrastructure of either of these two technologies is not yet available. Almost no 8K video is currently available, and 5G is facing serious limitations around the world.

However, this concept product shows Huawei is thinking about the future. The fact that TVs will soon be completely out of cable will be the next step in 8K television resolution technology. Of course, as long as 8K is commercialized, the same technology can be used for streaming 3D video and 360 degrees. Because the two technologies require a bandwidth bigger than the 1080p and 4K content. Is the world ready for the 8K 5G TV? Probably not, but it can be an old one for the future of 8K 5G TVs.

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