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OnePlus 7 Pro flagship with Uncensored Screen Specs

The smartphone OnePlus 7 Pro will be released on May 24, but new uncensored releases will continue to be published. The newly released images show that the Vu-Plus 7 Pro will be released in two colors with the name of Blue Nebula and Mirror. The design seen in these unofficial images is similar to what we already saw in other informal images, so the expected release of the phone is expected to be exactly the same.

In addition to the images and colors, it’s mentioned on the tweezers that the display of the phone is like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei P30 Pro, and there are three horizontal cameras behind it.

The front camera does not appear in the published images. Because the handset has no nuts and the surrounding area is not large enough to fit a camera.

According to rumors, it’s likely that a premium pop-up camera will be used on the phone. Of course, nothing can be confirmed yet, because something has not yet been officially approved. But the good news is that the phone will be released soon around the world.

OnePlus 7 Pro official specs
OnePlus 7 Pro official specs, price, date of release

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