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Apple Company doing greatly in Smart watch Market

Smart watches have become more and more popular among people this past few days, and have become one of the healthier gadgets thanks to features such as heart rate measurement, and so on.

Now and in the first season of Q1 2019, the market share of various smartwatch brands has been marked by the fact that Apple is in the first place with its Galaxy Wave, just like a year ago, with a huge disparity from other competitors.

Apple is up 35.8 percent of the market share of smart watches, up to 0.3 percent from the same period last year. After Apple, Samsung has grown to a very good growth rate of 4 percent, and imoo is in third place, despite a 3.5 percent decline.

The market share of various smartwatch manufacturers

market sale of smart watches
Apple, samsung, imoo, fitbit, Amazfit, huawei, fossil, germin smart watches gadget market sale

If we look at the image of the market share of the smartwatch market, we can see that the four companies Apple, Huawei, FitBit and Samsung are the only companies that have grown to market share. Though Apple’s growth is not comparable to the growth of the other three companies, Apple, in any case, is the winner of the smartwatch competition.

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Health features; the most important reason for the sale of the Apple Watch 4 Series

Apple’s latest smartwatch that Apple has set in on the market is the Apple Watch Series 4, with its most important feature, equipping the heart rate monitor (ECG). Apple has decided to support this feature soon for more than 20 countries, including Hong Kong, France, Germany, Britain and more. The three health tracking features, NFC and GPS, are another important feature of the Apple Watch Series 4 , which are the main reason behind the sale of the smartwatch.

Along with all of these great features, battery life is one of the problems buyers have been asking about this Apple smartphone.

best Apple Watch 4 Series gadgets
best Apple Watch 4 Series gadgets

What do you think about smartwatch brands? Which brand do you think is the best smartwatch? What are your criteria for buying a smartwatch?

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