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Fix this in Dell Computer for Security Purpose

If you have bought a new Dell laptop, you should know that a bloat has a very bad software, which in most cases lowers your computer’s speed, but sometimes the pre-installed software Support Assist can cause serious problems. For your computer, it’s best to delete it right away.

The app, which is pre-installed on most Windows-based devices, says Dell is “the first preemptive and predictive technology” but has been hacking since October of the year. But it is unclear why the security patch has now been released.

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Support Assist delivers the admin access to Windows and is designed to automatically updates on your computer. Bill Damir Kappa, a seventeen-year-old security researcher who identified this problem, has found a way to hijack an update request that allows hackers to install anything malicious on the computer.

The good news here is that Damir Kappa told ZDNet that there is only a possibility of hacking a hacker on the local network where your computer is located. It’s also easy to repair, and just delete the software or update your SupportAssist to v or later.

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