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New Smartphone: iPod Touch 7 & Nokia 2.2 Specifications and Price

Latest and new 2019 Smartphone Review for iPod Touch 7 specs and Nokia 2.2 Specifications, features, Price, images and where to buy.

This latest Gadget reviews are not in comparison of any sort, and it entails that from now hence forth, you will be getting specifications of new mobile phones, as well as tablets in this pattern. Techbmc teams thought it best to present reviews this way.

So in this article, we are sharing all you need to know about the newly released smartphones from Apple Company and Nokia mobile phone manufacturing Company. So below is the features and price of the aforementioned devices respectively.

iPod Touch 7 Full Specifications and Price

Apple unveiled the iPod Touch’s seventh generation, which, apart from the processor, did not make much difference with its predecessor.

7th generation iPod Touch
7th generation iPod Touch review

Reviews of the iPod Touch 7

Retina Display

The new generation of Apple’s iPod Touch features a 4-inch Retina display that delivers superb images of images, videos, messages, and more. All colors look sharp and real.

A10 Fusion chip

The iPod Touch 7 is equipped with the A10 Fusion processor. Apple first used this chip on the iPhone 7. So it’s clear that the iPod Touch 7 will have the same functionality as the iPhone 7.

The new generation of iPod Touchs supports iOS 12.0, and is also capable of running ARKit apps and a Facebook-based push-to-talk call. All of these features are due to the A10 Fusion processor, so we did not see such features on the A8 processor.

ipod touch 7 good screen for game play
ipod touch 7 good screen for game play

Thanks to the A10 Fusion chip, you’ll experience great experience. The moves on the iPod Touch 7 are smoother and you’ll see more details. In fact, everything looks quite real throughout the game.

Traditional security

Unlike the iPhone, the iPod touch does not support Touch ID or FaceBook. In fact, Apple maintains only traditional passwords to protect the product. One of the most important points in the iPod Touch 7 is the 3.5mm amp port, which, unlike other Apple products, has not been removed on iPod touch 7.

Prices of iPod Touch 7 in different versions

Apple has shipped this product in three models with internal memory and a different price, with prices as follows:

  • 32 GB internal storage: $ 199
  • 128 GB internal memory: $ 299
  • 256 GB internal storage: $ 399

As you can see, the price of the iPod Touch 7 is much lower than Apple’s smartphones. If you want a simple comparison between the iPod Touch 7 and the iPhone 7 (both of which have the same functionality), you should know that the 32GB version of the iPhone 7 is priced at $ 499.

IPod Touch 7 Timeout

Apple has shipped this product in six colors: Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Silver and Gold, on its own website today and in stores for sale next week.

Why the iPod Touch 7?

For the first time in 2001, Apple introduced its digital audio player. Perhaps it was initially thought that the device was not functional, but it quickly became so grave that in 2007 it accounted for 73 percent of the market share and virtually became one of Apple’s most important products.

Apple, but since 2015, no longer had a product from the family. That’s why Apple was said to focus on the iPhone. On the other hand, many believed that there was no longer a device without a SIM card, so Apple ended up producing iPod touch products.

Now, Apple has introduced another member of the family as a great device for playing music for children or people who do not need a smartphone. Apart from these, you can connect the iPod Touch 7 to other smart devices and use other features of this device.

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Nokia 2.2 Full Specifications and Price

Nokia Smartphone Review 2.2

Screen design; old design

The Nokia 2.2 has a 5.7-inch IPS display and a resolution of + HD. Nokia has unveiled this affordable handset with up marked, upside down displays, but unveiled alongside the edge-to-edge niche. In other words, Nokia is still using an old design for this phone.

Nokia 2.2 Hardware specifications not so powerful

An affordable handset for the Nokia 2.2 will come with a quad-core A20 helix processor with 2GB or 3GB of RAM and 16GB or 32GB of internal memory. Of course, do not worry about memory deficits because you can compensate for this by using a memory card slot.

nokia 2.2 full specification and price
nokia 2.2 full specification and price

HMD has equipped this affordable handset with a 3000 mAh battery, which can be charged through a microSD card port. The hardware specifications of the handset are weak compared to the current handset, but it’s better to compare the cheap Nokia 2.2.

Software specifications; Nokia winning sheet 2.2

Nokia has equipped this handset with Android phone. The Nokia 2.2 interface is similar to Android. On the other hand, HMD has announced that it will receive software updates for at least the next three years, so we know that Android Q and at least one Android will then be available for Nokia 2.2.

This feature is the most important winner of Nokia 2.2 compared to its other rivals, as other Nokia 2.2 phones may not even receive these updates.

Original camera and Selfie

Nokia 2.2 is equipped with a 13-megapixel main camera with LED flash. The top dash of the screen is also home to a 5-megapixel selfie camera that, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, in the absence of a fingerprint sensor, will bring face unlock capability to this handset.

Nokia 2.2 specs and price
Nokia 2.2 specs and price

Price and Time of Nokia 2.2

The phone is available in black and gray in January, January. HMD for a version of this phone with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage costs $ 100, while for another version with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory, the price is $ 115, which is a very good price.

What is your opinion about this low cost Nokia? Do you think this phone is worth the purchase? And what can you say about Apple iPod Touch 7 generation?

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