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New Feature Google Maps Police Speed Trap Alert

Google Maps is one of the most up-to-date Google services that is constantly being updated. Now that we’re in early 2019, it looks like Google is working on a new feature that surely will find a lot of fans.
Google Police Camera Viewer

A test drive has recently been featured in the Google Maps Accident Report. Because of this, users could report incidents that occurred along their paths. As a result, the rest of Google Maps users were aware of the same road conditions.

Now, Google Maps seems to be implementing the capabilities that control police speed cameras on every path. In fact, police camera icons are always displayed on the roads in the map. Of course, you have said that for many years, the roaming application has made this feature available to users.

One of the features of the Google Police Camera Viewer is a warning popped up before approaching the police camera. So, you have the opportunity to set your speed before you reach the camera so you do not have to pay a fine.

This feature is currently being tested, but it seems that the ability to display police speed cameras on roads within Google Maps appears to be based on people’s reports. Therefore, the more people access this feature and reports on location of cameras in Google Play, this feature will be completed soon.

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