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Apple Revealed 2019 IPhone Details

Apple has given Huaia a second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world for the time being, and now it has to try to get back to this position with a different phone. So Apple seems to be on the camera.
2019 iPhone XI Max camera specs

We expect the company to unveil three new phones that will replace existing handsets for the year 2019, namely the iPhone XS Max , iPhone XS and the iPhone XR. Gossip and seams reveal that two lower-end models outperform Apple’s three upcoming dual-core cameras, but the issue is over the 2019 flagship of Apple, which will probably be called the XI Max.

According to the Wall Street Journal, and according to the seamless images, the 2019 flagship will use the three-camera camera, which is located next to the flash, in a square section on the back panel of the phone. Of course, there’s still not much detail about the cameras used on this handset, but the XI Max seems to have been used with ultra-wide lenses to showcase the performance of the Go Pro sports camera.

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At the moment, few smartphone companies use this lens on their phones. For example, we can use the LG V40 with the Huawei phone and the Huawei company on the scene, with the Huawei 20 Pro . Of course, none of the lenses could be expected to be displayed on their cameras, but Apple is expected to be able to use these lenses to record high-quality images with modifications.

The screen will be another change that we expect from the iPhone 2019 phones. At the moment, the XS and XS Max iPhone use the OLED display, while the iPhone XR has an LCD panel. Now, it looks like Apple plans to equip all three iPhones in the 2019 OLED display. This way, we’ll probably see a high contrast and better color display in all 2019 iPhones.

Overview of Apple’s 2019 iPhones

According to Wall Street Journal reports, we can summarize the features and specifications of Apple’s 2019 iPhones as follows:

  • IPhone XI Max: Triple Camera and OLED Display
  • IPhone XI: Dual Camera and OLED Display
  • IPhone XR 2019: Dual Camera and OLED Display