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Microsoft Paint Software in Windows 10 Remains Intact

Goodbye to the paint software in Windows 10 was one of the concerns of the users of this operating system, but now Microsoft’s senior software program manager Brandon LeBlanck on Twitter has explained that there is currently no news of the removal of the paint software, and this software continues to The default will be available in the new Windows 10 update.

The next version of Windows 10 will be 1903, which we know will be released in May 2019. With that in mind, according to recent Brandon Leblanc tweets, in this release, which will be a major update to Windows 10, we will also have paint software on Windows 10.

Use paint 3D software

Microsoft recently introduced paint software as a software outlet, and intended to encourage users to use 3D paint by removing it from Windows 10. In February, it was said that the paint 3D software would replace Paint on Windows 10, but the message disappeared suddenly. It has now become apparent that this sudden crash has actually been due to the change in Microsoft’s vision and will continue to paint its position on Windows 10.

The simple and user-friendly paint application has been available to users since 1985, and although there are not many specialized features, but there are a lot of users who are precisely using the software because of the easy to use features and probably the continuing presence of paint in Windows 10 for this category. So fans of microsoft paint rejoice because they have canceled the removal of this Application.

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