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How To Use Your Android Device As Mouse Or A Keyboard To Your Laptop/Pc

Today I decided to share this simple trick on how to use your Android device as a mouse or keyboard to your laptop/pc. As we all may know, Andoid is the most widely used device in the world and because of that, many helpful and useful applications are being developed by developers on daily basis. Android devices play so many good roles to the users, which one of them am gonna show to you is, how to use it as a mouse or keyboard to your Laptop or desktop. I know when you saw the headline of this post, you wondered if such thing can ever work on your Android device, if you were having such doubt, by the time you finish reading and applying the guide given below. You will keep on smiling to your Android device and hope for more Android tutorial to come.

This can be so helpful and useful when any of your desktop or laptop key got damaged or faulty. It can also go a long way in replacing a mouse for your PC, if there is none. While some may go for it, just to have fun, whichever category you belong, let’s get it rolling sharp sharp. All you need to do, is to follow the steps accurately.

Now, The Question on your mind should be:
How Can I use My Android Device As A Mouse Or Keyboard On My PC?

In order for you to use your Android phone as a keyboard or mouse to your PC, first, you are required to download an android app called Intel remote keyboard and install it in your phone. As the name of the app implies, that’s why it works mostly on intel-based computers.

Now, download intel remote keyboard control from google playstore and install it on your Android device.
Next, is to download intel remote keyboard host and install it on your laptop/pc.

  1. First, connect the Android device you are using to your PC via WiFi connection.
  2. Next, on that Android phone, click on the Windows device name.
  3.  After the second step, the window PC you are using will display a large QR code for you to scan. To scan it, use your Anroid phone’s camera ( and by then, a screen instruction will display for you to follow on your Android). So follow that to get the both devices paired together.

The intel remote keyboard is such that is basically a virtual trackpad and also a keyboard for your computer. And as such, it can be used in portrait or in landscape mode.

Now, to have it in portrait mode,  your phone’s screen will be divided into trackpad area on the top while keyboard at the bottom. And this intel keyboard looks like an Android keyboard, but has window button, like an Esc button and other four arrow keys which you can talk of that is in it. Same likely goes for the landscape mode too. In landscape mode the intel’s keybaord looks like any Android keyboard, and also with windows button such as Esc button, and that of the four arrow keys I mentioned above in portrait mode.

Screenshot for its Landscape Mode 

Screenshot of its Portrait Mode