Airtel subscribers, here is another data plan introduced by Airtel network and this time, it is unlimited but based on time duration. Airtel timely based unlimited data plan works on all device as long as the device has access to the internet. The data  are not capped to a particular megabyte or gigabyte but comes with unlimited surfling unless it expires as at when due. If you ask me, this airtel timely plan is the best for downloading huge files without looking back and to enjoy it the most, your area need to have 3g or 4g network.

You can use it to watch video online and do many other things that megabytes and gigabytes does. Even as am seeing it, this can also go a long way in helping those that don’t know how to tweak or don’t like tweaking at all. So fasten your seat belt and get your airtel sim ready for unlimited surfling as I show you how to get yours.

Below is the table with price and Data plan for Airtel timely based data

For Each Plan
N15 5mins
N30 10mins
N90 30mins
N180 60mins

How Can I Subscribe For Any Of The Plans?
Only what to do, is to dial this ussd code *439# and follow the prompt to get any of the data plans. That’s all guys, just enjoy massive downloading of files. And remember it works on all devices which PC is among. Don’t enjoy alone, always remember to share with your friends with the share bottuns below.


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