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New N15 Airtel Unlimited Data Plan For Non-Stop Downloading.

Airtel Network came up with a very cheap unlimited data plan for as low as N15 for its members. The data works very well on Laptop/pc and other smart devices such as, Android, iphone Blackberry, Nokia etc As long as your phone can browse, you can go for it.

For those of you that enjoy downloading Games, Musics, Videos, and Ebooks etc Here is your high chance of getting whatever you want online, untill your memory say to you, i am tired lolx. For you to enjoy this sharp unlimited data from Airtel, you should know that, you have to goto good environment where there is good network flowing like a river without obstructions.

free Airtel internet data plan

The Airtel Network, I think they have good intension on satisfying their customers. They went further on introducing  a timely based ulimited data plan, that is all about, browsing with time. This plan is totally different from their other packages. This plan starts to work as soon as you activate it and when the time for it expire reaches, it stops to connect. But as long as the time is in session, you can download tecno mobile company *winks* without the data exhusting.


N15 for 5minutes
 N30 for 10minutes
 N90 for 30minutes
 N180 for 60minutes

It works on all devices without any sort of settings.
Also note that, Airtel Network said, the Data are unlimited and they are not capped at any megabyte. just unlimited.

To subscribe for the package, dial this code *439# and follow the prompt that will display to get you started.

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