Do you all know that registration of Bank verification Number(BVN) is coming to an end by Saturday, 31st of this month October, 2015.
Yes I know most of you are aware of that. If you are yet to register or receive a text for the confirmation, there is no much time left, so hasten up and goto your near by branch you are banking at and register or complete your registration.

Banks in Nigeria.
After completing the procedures in getting your BVN, of course you are aware of the number which will be sent to you containing the 11 digits. Bankers there will make that known to you. The infomation reaching us, is that before you deposit, you have to provide your 11 digits given to you during BVN registration. And that will only be the time or the need when the idea of memorizing will show case. But sometimes the brain fails due to some certain reasons best known to your practitioner Doctors, lols. But never to worry, because your telecom networks, MTN, Etisalat and Airtel ( nothing yet from Glo network) has made it simple and easy for you to check your bank BVN using a USSD CODE that am about to give you now.

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The ussd code doesn’t need any sort of connection to the internet for it to work, it is just like when you are dialing the code for checking of your sim account balance on your phone. It works on all mobile phones, be it Nokia 3310 or Nokia torch.

The Code To Check Your Bank BVN
the code is *565*0# dial it on any mobile phone you attached your sim into, i meant the sim, you registered your bank account with. The code works on all bank verification number be it Ecobank, Firstbank, Diamond bank, UBA etc with MTN, Etisalat and Airtel. Glo network is not yet updated to that, i think soon they will join the group and by so doing, i will let you know of any improvement by them.


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