Google Adsense being the best source of income for most publishers, especially for bloggers publishing required contents online, can now be linked to different bank accounts but just to Banks accepted by Google. Although this post is basically crafted for new piblishers who tends to find out more about Google Adsense payment and how to link it up with their different online Bank account. Even if you are an old user of Google Adsense, and don’t know how to link your payoneer information in order to withdraw your money from Google. Then this post is meant for you, just read on to get your payment information activated in Adsense.

Publishers receive their earnings from this Google AdSense network as at when due, provided the earning or accumulation methods are followed without invalid activity. For the earnings to accumulate upto the minimum threshold ($100) or more than, in order for it to be paid out from AdSense, you should know that there are things involved in growing the money to the expected payout, and those agents that actually do the work are your website traffic (views) and Ad clicks.

AdSense pay out the earning of every publisher once it clocks to the minimum payout or more than according to your set up through Wire Transfer, Cheque, EFT Transfers and as well by Western Union.. This is done every month precisely 21st of every month.

After so many request from friends (fans of techbmc), on how to link Google Adsense to their  online banking account precisely Payoneer account, so that they can receive their revenue from there. I had to process the steps by my self by linking a USA AdSense to AdSense account and guess what? Everything was set up correctly without any form of error. Now, its your turn to do so, and I will be guiding you using a simplified steps. So follow me step by step…

Are you meeting the word “Payoneer Account” for the first time then this brief description is for you, but for full details on how to register for the account and having the mastercard shifted to your country or location given to them by you, then you have to click on the following links under read more.

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Payoneer is a Global payment processor as you may know, it provides sole proprietors, companies and any business organization the big opportunity to pay out revenues or funds to their workers so easily worldwide. Now when anyone sign up in registration for payoneer, he/she gets a free US bank account collection details in order to receive any payment from any company in US dollars.

How to Link Google Adsense with Payoneer account
What you should know before linking. AdSense only allow receiving funds to Payoneer if and only if, your AdSense account is a US account. So to have it, AdSense doesn’t support Payoneer account if not a US AdSense account. This time, publishers are only allowed to link their AdSense account respective of the country bank account you applied from. But if you want to link your AdSense account with payoneer, that means you must have an active USA AdSense account. I hope its clear?

How Can I Link My USA Adsense Account To Payoneer Account owned By Me?
Here comes the very simplified guide to link it up. It is rest assured that your adsense account is US;

==> First,  Login to your payoneer account >> Click on Receive Payment from US companies, and copy all details shown to you like
>>Bank Account holder Name,
>>Account type is always (Checking)
>>Routing Number,
>>Account Number etc.

Google adsense payment to payoneer Techbmc
Image of Google adsense payment to payoneer Mastercard USD dollars

==>Next, Log on to your US AdSense account >> Head to Payment Settings >> Select Banks and fill the form with the details copied from your Payoneer account. When you get to the section of “Account type’ remember to choose “Checking

Google adsense payment to payoneer
Google adsense payment to payoneer Mastercard USD 

==> Finally, Google will send you a small amount of money in dollars, always ($0.38) to your Payoneer account, this is for verification to ascertain if really you are the owner of the account. The deposit always enter your Payoneer account within 2-3 days interval. Keep checking your account for that and when you receive the deposit from Google, log back to your AdSense account and click on “Verify payment” then select the exact amount in the small form and click on verify. That’s all friends.

Coming soon, is How to Receive Adsense Payment through Paypal Account, stay tuned.

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