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Best Cheapest 9Mobile Data & Call Tariff Plans With Migration Codes For 2017 – 2018

In case you are a 9mobile subscriber, in this post I will be unveiling all you need to know regarding to the best and latest 9mobile cheapest tariff plans encompassing 9mobile cheapest call rate, SMS rate, Bonus offers, free browsing 9mobile cheats or tricks, join codes or migration codes or activation codes, and as well as deactivation codes in case you wish to opt out from any of the tariff plan or data plan. And for 9Mobile APN internet configurations for browsing on all mobile cell phones, be it Android, java Nokia, Symbian, iOS eg iPhone, iPad Blackberry etc.

So below comes cheap 9mobile call tariff plans for the year 2017 extending to 2018 with their migration codes for each plan.

Etisalat Nigeria has successfully re-branded their network as it is now known as 9mobile, this was done in order to serve their loyal customers better. If you are an etisalat subscriber, take time to go through this post as it will help you choose the right latest and cheap tariff plan for your calls.

Presently 9mobile has about ten different call tariff plans available for you to choose from.

Best Cheapest 9mobile Call Tariff plans 2017-2018
Different 9mobile tariff plans and Migration codes 2017
9Mobile moretalk
9Mobile morecliq
9Mobile moreflex
9Mobile morelife
9Mobile moreflex evolution
9Mobile talkzone
9Mobile cliqlite
9Mobile SuperBonus
9Mobile MoreBusiness
9Mobile morecliq Break Free

The above listed are the available tariff plans on 9mobile in 2017, we are going to explain each plan’s benefits, how to check your present plan and most importantly the code to migrate to them in this post.

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Available 9mobile call tariff plans and their benefits

#1. 9Mobile moretalk

The former Etisalat easy starter has been change t 9mobile moretalk which helps to connect you with your family and friend always without spending much.

The good thing about this 9mobile moretalk is that you can make calls without airtime using a service known as receiver pays. This plan has no access fee or subscription fee to join.

>>1. You get free 10mb data weekly when you recharge a minimum of #100 per week.
>>2. At every #200 recharge, free #300 is given for a week to call five 9Mobile you and me numbers. You also get #100 for a recharge of #100 every week.
>>3. You enjoy 40k/sec normal call rate which drops to 25k/sec to all networks when you use up to #25 daily.
>>4. You can make calls without airtime using the receiver pays service
>>5. Simply dial 200 and select 1 or use the USSD code *244*2# to subscribe.

9mobile migration codes USSD

#2. 9mobile morecliq
Do you still remember the etisalat easy cliq? Fine, it is now known as 9Mobile more cliq. What baffles me about this plan is the amazing call rate of 20k/sec to all 9mobile lines and 40k/sec to other networks.

Other benefits attached to this tariff plan includes: free midnight call from 12:30am to 4:30am every day.
Not just that, do you know that when you use up to #25 daily, your cliq to cliq call rate reduces to 15k/sec, to other 9mobile line it would be 20k/sec and to other networks 30k/sec.
It has not finished yet, you also get 15mb free data to browse the internet on every #200 recharge.

How to migrate to 9mobile morecliq
Simply dail *244*1# to migrate, no access fee applied.

#3. 9mobile moreflex

If you can remember the etisalat easy flex, it has now changed to 9mobile more flex. This plan is best for bundle plan activation.


>>1.You get 300% bonus when you purchase flex of #4,000, #10,000, and #20,000.
>>2. At the purchase of #300, #500 and #1,000 bundle, you get over300% bonus.
>>3. When you purchase #2,000 and #5,000 bundle consecutively, you get the third bundle free.
>>4. You get up to 150% at the purchase of #2,000 and #5,000 bundles.
>>5. Whenever you recharge #5,000 and above in a month. You have the privillage to enjoy free calls while roaming on selected networks in six countries. UK (vodafone), US (T-mobile), South Africa (vodacom), UAE (9mobile), Netherlands (KPN) and Saudi Arabia (mobily). Service is valid for 30 days.

 9mobile call tariff plans and activation codes

To check your available balance dial *232#, to opt-out of moreflex dial *344*0#

#4. 9mobile morelife
If you are the type of person that makes calls a lot, then,go for MORELIFE. 9mobile morelife is a voice based plan that offers calls at a flat rate of 11k/sec to all networks within the country with daily access fee of just #5 deducted from your first call of the day.

You can also reach some selected internal destinations at 15k/sec (UK, USA, China, India Canada, Germany and Malaysia)

With #5000 recharge every month you are entitled to free incoming calls while roaming on 14 selected international destinations, with 30days validity.This 9mobile more life is similar to former Etisalat Easylife 

How to migrate to 9Mobile morelife
Send 1 to 620 or use the USSD code *620*1# to migrate
Dial *232# to check your acct. balance, dial *244*3# to confirm your package.

#5. 9Mobile Moreflex Evolution
A special package comprising of data and voice flexing that gives added value to your money on 9mobile network.
The 9mobile flex evolution has two categories, voice+ for calls and Data+ for those who surf the internet a lot.

You get up to 300% bonus when you buy moreflex evolution 2000+ voice.
You get up to 7 GB when you buy 10000+ data on moreflex evolution.
With #5000 recharge every month you are entitled to free incoming calls while roaming on 14 selected international destinations, with 30days validity.

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How to Migrate to 9Mobile Moreflex Evolution

To subscribe to 9mobile moreflex simply dial *320#, to check your balance dial *232#. To opt-out of more flex dial *300*0#.

#6. 9Mobile Talkzone

This plan offers a special discount similar to MTN ZONE. Depending on your location during the call.
This plan offers you 80% discount on calls made to 9mobile lines for a token of 12k/sec. it also allows you to make call to other networks between 12:30 to 4:30am at 12k/sec daily.

How to Migrate to 9Mobile Talkzone
To migrate to 9mobile talkzone simply dial *244*8#.

#7. 9Mobile Cliqlite

The 9mobile cliqlite is an educative and informative plan, with the aim of promoting child education most importantly to children between the ages of 8 to 15 years old.
Cliqlite offers free access to educational and entertainment apps. It is not limited to kids as everyone can enjoy cliqlite.

How to migrate to 9Mobile cliqlite

To join or migrate to cliqlite simply dial *244*10#

I believe from above, you have seen the best 9mobile prepaid or postpaid tariff plans for your mobile devices. Now, you can choose the best plan that can offer you unlimited use of free calls even video calls and SMS, also select the best for cheapest internet plan for your online surfing with browsers and social media networks like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Telegram, Instagram and Google Plus etc.

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