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OnStar Family Link Service: Locate & Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones Anywhere Even in Vehicles

OnStar Family Link service is a company with a well designed website, Apps and many other platforms through which they help you stay connected
with your loved ones anywhere once you have sign in and become a member on
their service platform. They render many services to you when you login to
their website. Some of the services include; giving you a unique access to the
location of your OnStar-equipped vehicles, that is (Vehicle Location Alert), Lock
or unlock your vehicle doors, Boundary Alerts, Destination Arrival/Departure
Alerts. Empowering you to stay connected to your world with their new and
awesome improved Vehicle Mobile App, myChevrolet, myBuick, myGMC or myCadillac,
able to manage your Wi-Fi Hotspot settings, can check data plan usage, you are
also able to view Advanced Diagnostics and more services which I have already explained in brief below.
Like I said above, OnStar Family Link service gets you
connected to your loved ones just like Google family link app launched few
months ago, that helps parents  monitor their children/kid’s mobile phone usage. With OnStar
service, you are able to receive scheduled email or text message alerts about
the vehicles you got, and trust me, this simply means peace of mind for you and
your loved ones while driving on the road, as stated by OnStar officials.

Once you are registered with OnStar Family Link service
and follow the necessary procedures, you are entitled to enjoy more OnStar
Benefits like:

>> OnStar Coverage

>> Getting Insurance
OnStar gives you insurance discount once you are a
car insurance quotes,
auto insurance, crm insurance
ira etc.

>> For Emergency:
You will be getting Automatic Crash Response anywhere you
are driving, Roadside Assistance, Crisis Assistance.

>> For
OnStar Security:
You will get Theft Alarm Notification, Stolen Vehicle
Assistance, also Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, and as well as Remote Ignition Block.

>> In terms
of Navigation:
There is a Turn-By-Turn Navigation and AtYourService.

>> For Connections
aforementioned above:
 Is still one of
the services onstarfamilylink renders to registered members. So you can benefit
from OnStar 4G LTE2 and Wi-Fi hotspot28, with Hands-Free Calling.

>> For
OnStar Vehicle Manager
You will get an Advanced Diagnostics,5 OnStar Smart
 car insurance, Remote Access and Location Manager.

There are lots of services to enjoy from OnStar Company once
you are interested in what they do. They are not scam but legit in the service
they render to the public.

OnStar family link website to sign in and Login, mobile app plan


With OnStar new Vehicle Mobile App, you can lock and unlock
your vehicle and its full potential. So that is to say, you can actually get
the best and awesome features of RemoteLink just with an app that is made for
your own separate vehicle. With this new app from OnStar, users can View their key
vehicle health information, use remote to start their vehicle, check and see
where they parked their cars, and many more, just from the palm of your hand
with the app.
>> You can Download OnStar APP from here. 


With this particular service, you can locate or find
where your loved one is at the moment with Vehicle Locate, just anytime you
feel like checking. In other to use this option, all you have to do, is to
access Family Link online to view the map of exact location of the vehicle.
Remember, you can only do that if you are a registered member.

May be you employed a new driver to be driving you
anywhere you are going, Vehicle Locate just gives you peace of mind as the driver
 takes to the road.

Vehicle Locate feature also give you information about
your loved ones especially when travelling to a far or near distance or even
across the state. So in other to check on their progress to the place they are
heading to, whether they have reached there successfully or not, “Vehicle
locate” comes in.

In case your spouse is unreachable and driving in an
inclement weather, then Vehicle Locate feature can do you more well in order determine
when he might get home safe and sound.
This feature gives you the option to set up email or text
message notifications, as you can get alert on the location of your loved one’s
vehicle. The options have settings like where you can choose the day, time and
frequency of the alerts as you want it to be.

You can also get text messages from Vehicle Location
Alert regarding the vehicle’s location, in order to check if your teen driver
is arriving to school every day by 8:00 A.M, if that is the time he should get
there- without you or your teen picking up the phone.
You are able to get an alert whenever or anytime the
vehicle you got enters a specified boundary. In other words, you choose the
size of the radius.

As stated by OnStar, you can choose to receive a Boundary
alert should in case the vehicle comes within 5 miles of downtown or leaves a
40 mile radius around your residing place (that is your house).

Receive alert when your vehicle leaves or arrives at a
location depending on the days you selected.

Also if your teen driver drives to school every day as
aforementioned, then you can get notified when the vehicle actually arrives at
school on the days of school activities, that is, from Monday to Friday.

You can check your vehicle eligibility to OnStar Services
from there site below. But before then, read this from OnStar Family Link:

OnStar services actually require vehicles with electrical
system (including battery), wireless service and GPS satellite signals to be
available and operating for features to function properly. Subscription
required. OnStar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers. Visit
OnStar.com for details and system limitations. Services vary by model and

>> For OnStar family link website to sign in and Login,
click here.