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Want to increase Instagram Followers? Here’s How to Do It

If you want to become a popular brand or an influencer then Instagram is a great platform to achieve the reputability. Also, you can make money, attain power and spread your mouth to the millions of people. You can get eye-popping results when you follow the good growth strategy to increase your following count. If you have a massive following count, you can use your account to share your ideas and passions with the rest of the world, increase your brand exposure and driving application installs. Here’s how to increase or buy Instagram followers to leverage this biggest platform. 
increase Instagram followers

How to increase Instagram followers:
Post content:

  • Create A Theme For Your Account
  • Pick A Good Username And Profile Pic 
  • Fill Out Your Bio
  • Use A Lot Of Tags
  • Add captions

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Create A Theme For Your Account: 
Don’t expect a massive following if your Instagram page doesn’t have a direction. Create a theme for your account because people don’t want to follow you if you are posting different types of the post without any theme. Let them what you are offering in your account. Figure out want your audience want to see and what are you trying to promote on your profile. If you want to post your selfies, pugs or whatever you want to share, create a separate account for your pals and family.

Pick A Good Username And Profile Pic: 
It is recommended that pick a good username and use the same handle on all social platforms. In doing this, people can easily find you on all social networks. For example, if your handle is @tonny16, use it for Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Your profile picture should reflect your account’s theme. If your account is about fashion, use a picture of yourself at your clothing store.

Fill Out Your Bio:
Let your follower and potential audience know what your account is about. For instance, you are a fashion designer, people will expect to post pictures of fashion, design, and style. If you have a blog then don’t forget to add the link of your blog in the description of your account’ bio. Also, you can also share the link of your clothing store etc.  If you are a writer, you can also use your bio to promote your articles by sharing the link. 

Use A Lot Of Tags: 
Use most relevant and proper tags with your posts. You can use 2 to 30 hashtags but about eleven tags is a good amount. Don’t be spammy, only use proper hashtags.

Add Captions: 
Good captions can give you a lot of benefits. Write a concise, witty and interesting caption. Also, include the question in your caption. Adding questions can get higher engagement. If you have massive followers you can write long captions too.  A good caption is as important as your photo. Also, use a call to action in your caption like “If you agree, share it with friends” or ‘add your thoughts in the comment section’.