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Change DNS To Experience Speed & Security on the Internet

Have you ever thought of the Internet? How to display the browser by entering a website’s address, How the entire world of the Internet and the Internet is based on the IP address? Then continue reading this tech tutorial. 

 What is DNS

DNS internet speed

Of course, we all type in the domain name to access a website in the browser, but the fact is that the Internet does not recognize the domain name, but another service called DNS (abbreviated as ” Domain Name Service” ) that leads to the opening of the website Gets

In fact, in the Internet world, all communications are based on the IP address, but it’s not possible to remember the IP address of different websites! There is a service called DNS that keeps the domain name of all websites with their IP address. This way, after you enter the domain name of the website in your browser, the browser sends your request to DNS. Now DNS will convert the domain name of the website to its IP address so that you will see that website on your browser. So the DNS job turns the domain name into the website’s IP address.

 Disadvantages of using the default ISP of the DNS

If you are using the Internet and have not changed your DNS address so far, you will probably use your ISP’s default DNS. We must say that the use of default DNS has some disadvantages, the most important and, of course, the most harmless, is the low speed, which even if you have purchased a high-speed Internet, you will be faced with a delay in opening the web pages.

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The next step is to use the default DNS The ISP compromises your privacy because it allows you to register and access all your activities on the Internet. You may even use your web surfing information to display targeted ads.

Of course, registering your searches is only a possibility, and Internet service providers do not necessarily record your behavior on the Web, but it’s not a bad thing to keep it cautious. Nevertheless, the best solution is to change the DNS.

Benefits of DNS Change
The most famous DNS address in the world is, which is often used by people who are familiar with the Internet and the Internet, rather than using their ISP’s DNS. The good news is that today, DNSs are not restricted to Google’s default dns, but there are plenty of free DNSs that offer a lot of other benefits in addition to providing a higher speed. For example, some of these free DNSs will open up infected links, others will be able to monitor the Internet, which is a good option for parents who are worried about their children’s behavior on the Internet. Others have the ability to block infected pages and ….

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Now that you’re completely familiar with the concept of DNS and DNS, the disadvantages of using it, as well as the importance of changing DNS, search for better or best free DNS or paid that will provide you a great speed, good security in the web World etc.