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How to Grow as a New lawyer in Networking & Building Lasting Professional Relationships

As a newbie in the legal field, are you looking for like-minded individuals to network with and learn from?

Have you tried but did not get well acquainted with much persons? Then this article is just for you. We’d be sharing tips on how, as a new lawyer, you can network with others in your field and build strong and lasting professional relationship with colleagues and clients.

Let’s face the hard truth. In law school, you were not taught how to initiate engaging conversation during a dinner party or zoom meetings. However, soft skills like this are necessary.

Networking isn’t just for fun. It is essential for your growth and helps to propel your career into greater dimensions.

By Networking

  • You grow in your practice
  • You increase in visibility
  • You meet and get inspired by like-minded colleagues.
  • You get opportunity to mentor and be mentored.
  • The better the network, the higher the net worth.

Network tips for lawyers

Here we dive into a journey for you to truly get out there, meet people and enjoy benefits.

  • Accessibility

Are you a kind of lawyers that’s difficult to be around or too intimidating? You might want to get rid of such aura.

  • Strip yourself of barriers

Sell yourself as someone who’s accessible, humble and willing to help.

  • Set yourself apart.

Don’t hide under the shadow of the firm you work for. Stand out.

  • Offer only quality services

Quality over quantity.

  • Get social

Closing the biggest deals are normally done through a handshake or over lunch meetings. Get out there and meet people. Everyone out there could be a potential client or someone you could learn from.

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How to get more social

  1. Introduce yourself to others in any social circle.
  2. Initiate small conversations and find a way to chip in what you do and the services you render.
  3. Tell people to introduce you to other persons that may require your services.
  4. Offer to recommend their services too. By doing so, they’ll feel touched and will want to return the gesture.
  5. Give out your business card.

Create your own networking events for lawyers

Yes! What’s more fun than having a good time with colleagues and experts in your field. It’s a great way to meet people, find a mentor or mentee, get recommendations, referrals and trainings. What a way to grow through learning.

Reach out to experts in your field

Get mentoring and trainings from them. Read their books as well.

Build deeper relationships

Reach out to people who inspire you. Get connected to the world of legal practice through social media platforms like LinkedIn. Volunteer in your local community. Be a lawyer who’s willing to stretch.

Find a way to get noticed

Now is the time for you to reveal yourself to the world. Get invitations to speak at shows and events. Or create your own events and speak there. Either way or both.

There you have them all.

Let’s know what you think about the tips we’ve provided. Go to the comment section, we’d love to engage with you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get noticed about our weekly juicy content.