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FlexClip – Best Online Video Maker to Create Promotional Videos

Publicizing your product or service using promotional videos is one of the best digital marketing strategies. Tools to create them there are many and at different prices. Today I would like to introduce FlexClip, a great online video maker, to create good promotional videos in minutes.

There is much discussion regarding the formats that one should use to advertise. Some say that the text is king, and say that the images are shared 4 times more than other content, but some conclude that the video has been exponentially increasing years ago.

The power of promotional videos

The grace of promotional videos allows us to transmit emotions more tangibly, thus leading us to connect with the client in a very effective way. Furthermore, as it is dynamic, time-measurable content, it directs people to not suffer as much from its consumption.

Another factor to consider is that most social networks allow playback of videos without having to go to other platforms, which is a massive advantage over other formats such as text.

FlexClip – Great online editor

All this said, there are many alternatives to create your own promotional videos. You can use video editing software such as Sony Vegas or even the legendary Final Cut, which with the limitations of each one, can allow you to make interesting creations, but which depend a lot on your skill and knowledge.

In this sense, tools such as FlexClip provide the option that anyone without a lot of technical knowledge can create promotional videos online.

FlexClip video maker

It is fun and attractive, but with the limitation of having a low monthly cost, it is especially fun to make use of a version that allows us to generate quality promotional videos.Of course, I don’t have any affiliate agreements with FlexClip, or I am going to receive a commission for recommending it.
FlexClip video maker just seems very good to me, and I think it could serve others.

FlexClip is a promotional video editor with many additional features that will help you create attractive videos. To get started with your own video, you can use one of its templates, or some of the millions of different styles of stock videos, photos, or loyal-free music.

It is also possible to add your own content to make your video unique, such as text, photos, background, voice-over, widgets, etc. They also offer a selection of music clips that you can add to your video.

With it, you can create all kinds of videos, such as presentations, infographic videos, logo animations, slide shows, ads for your business, and more.

FlexClip video editor

Some Advantages of FlexClip video maker

  • Simple, easy to use
  • Provide many video templates that can help you create the best video for your goal
  • Rich content store with lots of free photos and clips
  • Ability to import photos from online services
  • Cut and join videos easily with just a few clicks
  • Lots of professional and eye-catching fonts and unique text effects
  • Select video size and format
  • It has a free plan, and it is not a trial period
  • Offer the flexibility of annual and monthly payment
  • It has excellent support and customer service, in that you will not struggle.

FlexClip video creation


  • Free plan with limited stock video to choose from
  • Performance and download speed are not too fast
  • The only supported output format is MP4.

Price and download link

FlexClip has a free version, while the paid version costs 4.99 USD / month (with the basic package) or 7.99 USD / month (with the plus package). You can access FlexClip to use the free version at the following link: flexclip.

The video will be huger in 2020, with more companies that will use it to promote themselves and diversify their content offerings. One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd will be with unique and engaging content. Why not start with your first promotional videos using FlexClip video maker, and to kick off next year with great success.