Do you know what guys, you can actually open a bank account from Zenith bank through the use of mobile phone without being present in the bank. To be frank, this was so simple and amazing to carry out. I give kudos to Zenith bank. You could imagine, I thought it was a joke at first until I decided to open a bank account with Zenith today. It was successful via my mobile phone and at the comfort of my home too. I guess you may want to open account with zenith bank. Hey, know it that, this is available to everyone that has a mobile phone, so no one is exempted. The method am going to show you in opening this account is stress free and Just FREE of charge. Now, get to see the steps as you continue reading…
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The process of opening an account with zenith bank directly from your mobile phone, is as simple as ABC, as only what you need do is just to pick up your mobile phone and dial a simple short code which is already provided below, and guess what? Your zenith bank account number containing a successful message will be sent to your phone number in a few seconds.

 Let’s get it done, to open a savings account with Zenith Bank using your mobile phone, whether Nokia torch, Tecno, infinix, iPhone, any brand of phone in short, just follow the steps below

>>First, Dial this USSD Code *966*0# on your phone.

>>Next, enter your First name as required by zenith using your phone’s keypad and then Tap/click Send Button.

>>You should also Repeat Step 2 above so as to type your Last name as requested by them.

That’s it, Congrats! because you are now banking with zenith bank, now you will receive message saying, your account was successfully created and here is your bank account number.
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Indeed you have opened a bank account with Zenith bank, and the next thing that should come to your mind is how to credit and debit from the account. Although, that one is not a big deal, normally, crediting (depositing) or withdrawing money from the account, has to do with you going to the bank. But before you start your transaction, you are required to first visit any near by zenith bank branch with your passport photograph and your BVN in order to complete your registration.

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