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    Download The Latest Ntel VOLTE App For Making Of Calls And Sending SMS Over LTE

    Shouldn't in case you don't know about Ntel, it happens to be one of the network providers in Nigeria that offers 4G services and now they are trying their best to incorporate more advanced features like the VOLTE (4G voice calls) while other networks works to provide data services only. Ntel network launched their own very app called Ntel VOXHD app. The app gives you an opportunity to make calls and also send text messages over its 4G/LTE network.
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     To have it, the latest Ntel app offers  crystal clear High Definition (HD) Voice over LTE (VoLTE) services, SMS over LTE and more other regular features.

    The app works in hand with Android phones that supports Ntel 4G network band. And it is now available on Google playstore for download. So don't miss getting this app if you don't wanna miss the very goodies it came with.
    ✔ User Friendly Interface
    ✔ HD Voice calls
    ✔ Text Messaging
    ✔ Contacts integration

    Yes you can, but your phone has to be Android devices from version 4.0 and above.

    ✔  Download Ntel VoLTE VOXHD Application in Apk Google playstore

    NB: The ntel VoXHD works on ntel SIM cards alone, that is to say, it cannot work on any other sim that is not ntel. Like I said earlier, your phone has to be compatible with nTel 4G LTE Network before you can use this app. 

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