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See How SWIFT 4G LTE Network Is Offering 200% Extra Data To Their Subscribers

Swift 4G LTE is now offering 200% extra data to all their data subscribers. This offer is indeed a good one for those looking for loaded data for their company or personal business. Anyone can go for it and another thing about 4G LTE is that, the network is so fast when blazing with it on internet surflings.
Swift 4G LTE

This amazing offer was announced on Swift 4G LTE Facebook page few hours ago, so that means it is on and open for everyone. Although I regard it to be costly for personal use but that doesn’t matter, if you have the money for buying the data, you have nothing to loose because, everything is standardized when you talk of swift 4G LTE. Below are they packages and their prices.

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SWIFT 4G LTE 200% Extra Data Offers Includes;
✔ 48GB for N12,000,
✔ 65GB for N16,000
✔ 100GB for N20,000
✔ 125GB for N25,000
✔ 150GB for N30,000

How To Benefit From It
When you renew your subscription, you will be given 200% extra data for free of charge

When Will This Offer End?
The offer is Valid till 31st of August 2016.

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