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Samsung making Move to Become Homeowner of the Company’s $2,000 Folding Phone

Samsung will soon decide when to launch the company’s first folding phone. “Samsung has noticed the problems with the raw materials, and will soon decide on the release date of this handset,” Samsung Mobile Division Chairman Dang Jinhoe said.

A spokeswoman for Samsung said in a CNBC interview that the company will decide on the release date in the next few weeks, but this news may not be public until soon. Samsung Galaxy Fold has been criticized by technology critics since May 6, but many of these test handsets failed.

Another brand of: Folding phone

According to Samsung, the chip that was supposed to protect the folding screen was not good enough, and the company is struggling to design the phone so that nothing can go behind it and break it. Some critics of the plastic layer had dropped the top of the folding phone, which made it break.

Samsung announced that if it fails to release Galaxy Fold by May 10th, all purchases will be canceled automatically, unless customers still say they intend to buy the phone. Until the release of the phone, customers will not be charged, but Samsung does not seem to decide when to launch the Galaxy Fold.

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