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IPhone XR 2019 Smartphone Coming in Two Colors

According to unofficial sources, the Apple iPhone XR will be released in two colors. The Japanese Mac Otakara blog post announced that the iPhone XR 2, which will be released in September, will be available in six colors, plus two colors of green and violet.

The iPhone XR 2 will be available in coral, blue, white, black, yellow, red for iPhone XR, as well as green and violet for the iPhone XR 2. According to another source, the Mac Otakara iPhone’s silicon frames will be released in white, black, green, yellow, red, and purple Yasi.

Upgrade is Coming Soon

Except for color, many other things are heard about new iPhones. Since the previous iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models have a triple-facing camera, the iPhone XR will also have a new lens. As a result, the camera will be able to take great portraiture. It’s also heard that in the more expensive model, optical zoom can also be available. It is also said that the internal antenna will be upgraded and the fingerprint sensor inside the screen will be added to the phone. Of course, as always, it is expected that there will be many differences between the cheap and the flagship model.

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