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Microsoft Confirmed That Windows 10 Won’t Require Password Anymore

Microsoft Confirms To Replace Windows 10 Passwords For Users

Microsoft silently confirmed that the death of the Windows 10 password has come. The manager of the team of authentication, identification and encryption of Microsoft, Yoga Mahtra, said in a statement that 800 million Windows 10 users are one step closer to the world without password. Whether you’re a Microsoft lover or hate Windows 10, you should accept that passwords are over and this is no longer a good way to authenticate.

Mehta announced that by downloading Windows 10 Update, Windows Hello will have an FIDO2-approved identity validation. FIDO (Fast Identity Online) is a commercial body that employs a series of open standards for technologies that securely replace passwords. FIDO2 is a series of standards that provide logon with secure encryption, and Windows Hello includes Windows 10 for these standards.

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“Microsoft has been on the FIDO Allied Assignment for Passing Passwords,” said Andrew Shaikar, head of the FIDO Marketing Division. The company took the first step by introducing Windows Hello in 2015, allowing users of Windows 10 to log into their devices through face detection. But does this mean that the password for Windows 10 will be completely removed? not completely. The complete death of the password for Windows 10 will be a long process.

“We encourage companies and software developers to choose methods to replace the password, such as Windows Hello,” Mehta said. In order to achieve such an achievement in the future, we need to create the right solutions on all platforms and browsers. For this reason, we say quiet death that no security mistakes should be made in this regard.”

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ESET Security Specialist Jake Moore welcomed the news. “Because of the many security breaches we’ve seen over the past few months, companies are pushing for greater security for their users,” he says. Passwords, however, will still remain as a feature in the foreground, but users should be encouraged to use better methods and multi-factor authentication to take care of their data. ”

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