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How to Freely Watch Movies Anywhere in Windows 10 PC & Android Devices with Plex App

Sharing or transferring media from one device to the other one after the other, is sometimes a very boring act I guess. For instance, transferring to other device and waiting to play it on a varied device is somehow a very tedious act but fortunately Plex media server has been designed to deal with the issue, it works on almost all platform such as Android and iOS.

With the help of Plex Media, you can store media file in single location and continue sharing with other device mostly on the same network. With this third-party app other device can play the shared media by streaming it from the media server (using “Plex Media Player “).

This third-party app known as Plex Media Server is a free app that allows you to manage a large bulk of media files due to it highly adaptability and supportability of many platforms and devices.

Haven gotten the necessary information about Plex Media Serve let now proceed on the step-to-step measure on how to install Plex Media Server on Windows 10 also note that it works similarly on almost all supported versions of Windows.

install plex on windows 10 & Android devices

1. Procedure to Install Plex
First measure to take is to install the Plex Media Server in a central location where you want to store all media files.

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Plex Media Player

Basic prerequisites of Plex Media Server
Below are the basic requirements before going ahead to the setup
>>1. Firstly, sign up for a Plex account to explore this features
>>2. Proceed to Download the Plex Media Server for Windows versions.

Instructional guide:
Below is the step-by-step procedure to install the Plex Media Server on Windows Operating System:
>>1. First of all Open the downloaded setup file for Plex Media Server.
>>2. Proceed by clicking on Install, and click Yes if you get a UAC prompt.
>>3. Wait for sometimes till you see “Setup Successful” message and then click Launch.

That is all on the installation of Plex Media Server, now proceed by testing it. Continue reading on to know how to add your wonderful media collection in Plex Media Server.

>>2. How to Add Your Media on Plex Media Server
Normally Plex starts automatically once it is being Launched by pressing the Launch button, but in case it doesn’t (because of some problem), just proceed by searching and launching it from the Start menu. It will take less than 15 minutes for everything to be setup.

Instructional guide to Add Media to Plex
Carefully follow the below instructional guide to setup Plex and add media files to it:
>>1.  In case Plex page is not opened in any of the visible browser windows, then right-click its icon in notification area (in the Taskbar) and choose Open Plex.
>>2. Next, go to the Plex page in the web browser and log in your Plex account that you created earlier.
>>3. You must Agree to its terms of service (if asked) or press GOT IT (if any info is shown).
>>4. Type a name of your choice for your server, and uncheck “Allow me to access my media outside my home” if you wish to access/stream the media locally on just your home network (LAN or Wi-Fi only), and finally click on NEXT to explore it.

>>5. Now click ADD LIBRARY button to create a new media library on your Plex Media server. You may edit the default libraries by clicking their pencil button to edit.

>>6. Select a library type for your new library from the shown pop-up, type in a name, choose a language of your choice, and then proceed to click NEXT.

>>7. Also Click “BROWSE FOR MEDIA FOLDER” and choose the location in your Windows PC which has the media files you want to add in this new library, and click ADD.

>>8. Proceed to Choose Advanced section from the left menu and set advanced options if you wish to configure your new library. And finally click ADD LIBRARY to move forward.

>>9. After you might have gotten to Finish screen, click DONE to complete the setup process. And you’ll be redirected immediately to the Plex dashboard. In there an intelligent scan engine will start cataloging to organize everything present in your libraries.

Haven undergone all the procedure given in the course of this tutorial, then you will note that you have successfully configured Plex Media Server on your Windows PC and you are now ready to stream your media files to other devices probably the server is running.

Notable Tips & tricks
Below are the tips and tricks for proper functioning of your Plex Media Server and smooth media streaming to multiple devices.

>> Same principle with server program (such as WordPress), Plex Media Server works only if its host, i.e., your Windows PC is turned on and Plex Media Server must be running (check for Plex’s icon in notification area) else you cannot be able to stream media on this server.

>> The Windows must have enough storage space for smooth functioning of Plex Media Server as it needs a lot of free space to download info/data.

>> Note that Media transcoding and streaming utilizes a decent amount of system resources, so a powerful hardware (mainly CPU and GPU) is required, especially if a lot of users or devices are expected to connect and stream media from server (Plex Media Server).

>>3. How Watch Movie on Mobile Devices using Plex Media server
You can now enjoy media on any device using Plex Media Server. Firstly, let proceed with mobile phone. Following some pre-conditions of using Plex on your mobile phone.

Download Plex for Android apk app

Basic Prerequisites to Watch on Mobile using Plex media Server
Below are the little tasks to carry out before starting to stream media on other device mostly Android based on these tutorials.

>>1. Firstly, you need to Download Plex for Android (or for some other device)

Instructional guide
1.  First of all Open the Plex for Android app and click the Sign in link.
2. Proceed by Entering your credentials for your Plex account and tap on the SIGN IN button.

3. On the next screen, you may tap “STAY IN TRIAL MODE” and view limited length videos, or click ACTIVATE button to pay a small fee and enjoy full-length videos it’s all depends on what you want to do at that moment.
4. With all the procedures followed carefully you will see a neat Plex dashboard in front of you.

Note: Plex will automatically detect all your media server and connect to it. Due to this result you will be able to see your media collections from your Windows PC on your Android device. Now you can play or resume playing a video directly from the mobile device to enjoy streaming anywhere.

The important of this third-party app is that it saves your progress on a video and resumes playing it from the same point. And it also syncs the info to the server, allowing you to pause on one device and resume on other device seamlessly.

You can do more with the Plex Media Server like searching for videos, browsing channels and you can also create playlists for your media files and it also allow you to create a “Watch Later” list which prompt you the opportunity to watch videos later in the future.

And not withstanding its Settings page avails various options and settings. You can check out and set the numerous options to customize the app per your requirements of the feature you want to explore.