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The Role of Sponsorships in the Growth of Brands on Social Media

The need to improve one’s communication performance, in an era dominated by the Internet and the ubiquitous presence of social media, is common to a large number of companies, both large and small, who are always trying to find the most suitable solutions and methods to create impressive content capable of increasing sales and attracting more and more potential buyers. 

The ability to attract visitors to one’s online channels nowadays depends largely on the quality of the content offered, but also on how often one publishes material that is useful and interesting to one’s audience. When a brand begins to publish content with a strategic approach, carefully following the directions of the editorial plan for that particular month, it is almost always expected that these publications will immediately produce visible and obvious effects, such as an increase in followers, an increase in likes or a high engagement rate, especially in terms of comments or shares. 

No one can expect to achieve great results in the first few weeks of running a social media page (or multiple pages), because the success of these channels depends on countless factors that, in most cases, are not even related to each other. 

Different variables

One of these variables–certainly not one of the most negligible ones–has to do with the sponsorship of the page or posts: the content of your channels may be of an over-the-top level, but if you do not support it (especially in the initial phase) with a moderate investment in sponsorship campaigns, such as those that can be started on Facebook or all other social media, your page will attract very little traffic and will generate even fewer interactions. 

In a sense, initial sponsorship campaigns serve precisely to give maximum visibility to the idea or message you would like to convey, even if only for one, two, or three weeks, giving it a chance to spread widely throughout the network and start generating likes and interactions on its own, no longer relying on the push of advertising investments. Typically, the phase in which the most is invested in sponsored campaigns is precisely the initial phase, that is, the period immediately following the creation of the company page or profile on social media. 

The importance of organic performance

The real challenge, for those in charge of page management, will be to achieve concrete results from the organic performance of each post, that is, those that cannot rely on advertising support. These goals can be set in the phase immediately following the initial phase, the one in which the most will be invested in sponsorship, that is, in the period in which all efforts should be concentrated on creating original and high-quality content with which to intrigue and attract the target audience. 

A strategy to be avoided in any case, regardless of the size of your brand, is that which leads to the purchase of packages of followers or likes, which almost always results in real blunders that are difficult to resolve and potentially catastrophic for the reputation of the brand (present and future). 

These facts never go unnoticed, and in most cases, they are remembered by the network audience in a variety of different ways: through funny memes, or with posts and reviews published in various corners of the web, which in most cases carry the name of the brand and the gaffe committed in full, thus inflicting a severe blow to its image. 

The management of these corporate crises is usually entrusted to specialized communication agencies, very often located in large metropolises such as Bangkok, Thailand, where there are at least five specialists in Crisis Communication, all with their different characteristics and peculiarities. 

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When excellent results can be achieved even without a substantial sponsorship campaign, companies will finally have achieved a degree of creative autonomy that will regularly propel them to incredible success.