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Reasons To switch off Your Mobile Cell phone While At Petrol Pump Station

Let me start the introduction of this article by saying;
keep to Health and safety measures while using your mobile cell phone at any
filling or pump station, in order to be safe from any sort of fire accident. In
this post, you will actually get educated in the aspect of knowing if your
mobile phone is really dangerous to use at a petrol pump station or not.
Meanwhile, below are questions this post has taken care of based on their

Can a mobile phone ignite petrol?
why mobile phones are not allowed in petrol pump station?
why is mobile phone use banned in petrol bunk stations?
Why do we have to switch off our phones at a petrol pump?
what does mobile phone petrol station law states?
Are cell phones prohibited at gas stations, on airplanes and
while driving?
What kind of spark causes fire ignition?
Do cigarettes really cause fire at petroleum pump station?

petrol pump station business plan Risked with mobile phone

Having seen the above questions, all pointing to the use of
small or big smartphones at filling stations being safe or dangerous to our health.
We should know that all mobile phones whether Android, iOS, Nokia, Blackberry
etc are banned to be used in any petrol pumps worldwide. That’s why there is
always a notice board showing a warning sign to switch off your mobile phones
while at petroleum stations/centers. And as you may have it, the main reason
behind this switching of cell phones is what is called Electromagnetic Radiation being emitted out by mobile cell phones. These
electromagnetic radiations can ignite the petrol or fuel vapor leading to
explosions, it can also induce currents from any nearby metallic objects
thereby causing explosions as some said. 
warning sign to switch off your mobile phones techbmc

This is a myth that almost everybody is believing to be true
but what does science say about this ignition of petrol?  Science has it that, the explosions which may
likely occur due to the usage of cell phones at petrol stations are not just
because of electromagnetic radiation. The Reason to backup this, science said
mobile phones are regarded as low power radio frequency transmitters which are
between 450 and 2800 MHz, and as a result of that, they have a peak value that
ranges between 0.1 and 2 watts and cannot ignite fire. So some scientists are
saying that the main cause of explosion or ignition in petrol pump station can
be caused by defective batteries on cars and bikes and not mobile phones. And that
is the reason why drivers are always advised to switch off their car engine
before fueling. 
 Some people said, the
only reason why mobile phone are banned from being used in fuel stations, is
that, it gets to distract people thereby making them to be careless with their
car and other pedestrians etc. But the real fact is that most of us forget to
turn off our phones when it is the most important thing to do while at filling
station. And this is what article 115 of the General Traffic Regulations
stated, which literally prohibits keeping the engine, lights, as well as
electrical systems such as the radio or devices that emit electromagnetic
radiation turned on.

For me, am going to comment based on research; the truth of
this myth is that mobile phones stands as a form of distraction and shouldn’t
be encouraged to be switched ON while at filling station. So that doesn’t mean
it can cause fire explosion because its uses a very low current as stated above,
and the chances of it causing fire explosion is very low, as it doesn’t spark. So
in other words, am saying that the full cause of fire explosion at fuel
stations, is as a result of static electricity igniting the petrol vapor. Nowadays,
you hardly see fire explosion at petrol filling stations, and that is because
most petrol centers installed vapor recovery systems which helps to reduce the
chances of an explosion.

In all, Prevention they say is better than cure, so endeavor
to switch off your mobile cell phone while at petrol service station in other
to avoid saying had I know letter.

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