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How Much Should I Charge To Make a Flutter App

IT companies have always fought for clients. The Internet has become a digital battlefield where everyone tests their “guns” (tools) and tries to destroy the competition and pick up all the leads for themselves. Flutter is The Thing in mobile app development, and it is not hard to guess how fierce the competition is. At this point in time, you would probably ask yourself, “How much should I charge to make a Flutter app?” and in this article I’ll tell you more about what influences Flutter app development cost.

What makes Flutter so attractive for Startups

 Flutter can be your one solution for creating apps that work on both Android and iOS devices. Because you write the code once, you won’t need to spend time and money developing different versions of your app for two platforms, thus reducing the cost to develop a Flutter app. In terms of app development, speed is a crucial factor in communicating your brand’s message successfully. Flutter helps you go fast from the very start.

MVP’s – one of the biggest advantages of Flutter

Flutter’s ability to offer one code base for iOS and Android means that developers can create applications in less time than native development tools. This also gives businesses a chance to launch products on both platforms faster than ever before while collecting their first payments and receiving invaluable feedback.

Flutter App Costs

How much should I charge to develop a Flutter app?

 It is a question that every programmer and company owner asks themselves. At the end of the day, you have to maintain good prices to remain competitive but still – you cannot go too low, as this would be detrimental for your business.

Flutter app development cost may vary by a lot. Pricing on app development projects is heavily dependent on the region and the company. Companies that are based in the US and Western Europe usually charge a lot more than their Eastern European and Asian counterparts.

A thing to consider is the Flutter developer hourly rate. Once again, if you charge clients, you should offer them a valuable service at a good price.

Hire freelancers or subcontractors

While no one can tell how much does it cost to create a Flutter app due to the complexity of the app itself, we can still have a good idea of the market.

As tempting as it is to simply hire freelancers, the truth is that it may not be as economical as you think. Skilled contract employees offer the reliability of a company who is behind them should something go wrong. Additionally, with more manpower and oversight, companies have the opportunity to work with higher-quality resources that aren’t always available to freelancers.

Profit matters

Hey, we are not working for glory, are we? For you to be able to generate a decent profit, you should add your margin to the app you are selling. If you know how much does Flutter app development cost, you can find the value in it and sell it to your client.

It is a sad truth that you cannot really hire top-notch freelancers and subcontractors in the US and add your margin, as there is no way anyone will pay for a high-level service when he or she can find a lower-priced one with the same quality.

That is why you should look at cheaper alternatives. For example you can hire Flutter developers from Ukraine – they will cost a fraction of the price but will deliver great results.


 The Internet of Things is becoming more competitive by the day. While you can leverage your established connections and domain expertise to win out in a specific industry, success also depends on anticipating the needs of your clients and prospects.

Ultimately, it’s important to keep your eye on budgeting. Spending too much or too little can affect the quality of your product. One sure way to reduce how much your next app will cost is to hire a development agency with skilled mobile developers. A good mobile app development company does not settle for words alone — they make sure that their concepts are delivered in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

And if you’re still asking the question “How much should I charge to make a Flutter app”, then ask yourself “How much am I willing to pay for a high-quality Flutter app?”.