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Worst Programming Languages in 2019 Developers should Avoid

Hey dude! Have you made up your mind to learn programming language? If yes, then what should be ringing in your mind should be “what is the best programming language that suits what I want?” You might have been looking for the best programming language, but it might be best to know the worst languages ​​before that learning in order not to waste your time in outdated programming languages.

Unlike many websites that announce the best listings of programming languages ​​each year, the codementor website has, over the years, provided the list of the worst programming languages. The factors that codementor considers for this ranking is welcomed by the programming community of languages, their growth and their job market.

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The worst programming languages ​​of 2019

The codementor website has ranked the worst programming languages ​​based on the three factors mentioned above, and a total of 5 programming languages ​​are known to be the worst language:

  • Elm
  • coffeeScript
  • Erlang
  • take
  • Perl

Interestingly, in this list of 20 numeric, the C# programming language is in the final rank.

programming languages
worst programming languages of 2019

Change in ranking of the worst programming languages ​​from 2018 to 2019

If we take a look at the list of the worst programming languages ​​in 2018 and 2019, we will notice the improvement of the status of some languages ​​and the sharp decline of others.

The Dart, Ruby, and Objective-C languages ​​are the languages ​​that have grown the most in this year. In contrast to Elm’s language, it ranks 8th in the last year and has earned the title of the worst programming language for learning in 2019.

bad programming languages 2019

The reason for the development of Dart programming language

Last year, at exactly the same time, the Google Flutter Flexible Framework was introduced and re-released in Dart. Thanks to this framework, Dart is best known for growing in the programming market, but still ranked first in the worst-case scenario. Of course, it’s unlikely that this language will grow in the marketplace soon.

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