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New Upcoming Instagram Feature to Let Users Invite Friends On Live Stream

Instagram is about to improve its photo-sharing platform
service with a new feature that let you invite your friends to your live
videos. They are really doing their best to equip and embed nice features, so
as to make this very live video chattier and interesting for all registered
The live video which is already functioning very well in
instagram can only be accessed by registered account users. So when you sign up
and get your account signed in or logged in, then will you be able to have access
to the live video broadcasting service. The soon coming feature which will
allow users to invite broadcasters as a guest to their live stream, was actually
announced yesterday being Tuesday.

It will let you invite people through the newly updated icon
with “Add” button, just located at the bottom-right corner of your
device screen, when navigated to the live video section on instagram social
media chat.
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The feature according to instagram, will be set to function
in this dimension, as anyone who is actually watching the stream is regarded to
be eligible and can be invited by you to join. And when someone is invited on
the live chat stream video while on instagram, your screen display will split
in to two, having you that invited the person as the host being placed on top.
While the person you invited as the guest broadcasting, will appear at the
With your laptop PC or mobile phone being used in the live
stream, once the broadcast ends, instagram officials have it that, the video
will either be saved in the section of Instagram Stories just for 24 hours, or
will be discarded making it disappear without saving.
As stated by Instagram officials, this particular feature is
pointing to easy access regarding to making of ordinary conversation for a public
affair. And the company made mention of “homework activities”, as
this feature could be a lovely time one can host public Instagram show.

As it stands now, Instagram is actually the latest social
network to have this welcomed development of “Guest live broadcasts”
feature embedded on their system. Although, Facebook live stream updated its
users with similar feature few months ago. Another social networking chat from
Google, popularly known as Hangouts on Air, with YouTube Live stream, have had
this type of feature for long now. And they leave the videos online for other
people to watch when the visit. But Instagram’s live video disappears from
stories immediately or after when you remove them.
Note: This newly added programmed development is currently
in testing mode, and with just a “small percentage” of users using it
at first. So it will be made available globally just in few months to come. So
just stay tuned, as we will let everyone know about the full launch of this
feature on all Android, tablets, iOS like iPhone and iPad phones. 
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instagram invite live video broadcasts chats