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Behold How To Check The Status of Kenya National Identity Card Free

Kenyans can now check their government issued National
Identity Card status online, just like Nigerians. This platform is set out to
help registered individuals, check if their National Identity Card has been
successfully processed to be collected. The Government who saw the need of developing
NIMC website, knew that millions of people are in need of this very card, and didn’t
hesitate in providing a medium for each and every individual to check his/her status
considering whether the card is ready or not, if really you are a registered member.
And as you may know, since this development was initiated, things have been moving
smoothly, as 100 million of Nigerians and 13 million Kenyans who are yet to
collect their card, can now verify the status of their registered National
Identity Card just for free.

So in this post, I have provided a short guide to see you
through on how to check your National Identity Card as an applicant from Kenya.
Meanwhile, Nigerians can check the status of their National Identity Card(NIMC) online from here.

Before one can check the status of his or her National
Identity Card from online NIMC website, that person is expected to be registered
and as well done with any offline process of form filling. So any applicant from
Kenya is expected to wait for like 5 – 8 weeks for the identification card to
be processed immediately after the registration. But before then, every applicant
is given a slip that will temporary serve as National Identity card until the
main plastic card is ready to be collected.  

So in other not to waste your time going to any nearby NIMC office
often and on, may be just for the District officer working there to check
whether your card is ready or not, all you need to do is just to pick up your
smartphone device or Laptop/PC and visit NIMC website for your card status details/information.

Tracking the status of your Kenya National Identity Card has
two options to go with. Is ether you check the status via sending SMS or
through online platform that requires internet connection. For any of the options
check below.
Kenya National Identity Card status
How To Check The
Status Of Your Kenya National Identity Card Through Phone SMS

The requirements regard to checking your ID status via mobile
phone are
>1. The 9 (Nine) digit serial number which can be gotten
from the waiting card or slip you were given during registration.
>2.  You are also required
to have at least 5 shillings’ airtime or any SMS plan, that will be charged/deducted
for the short message.

>1. Navigate to your mobile phone message box and enter
the nine digits present on the issued waiting Card given to you on registration.
>2. Then, Send the SMS to this number 20031
>3. An SMS containing the status of your ID Card, will be
sent to your phone just as a reply to the message you sent in (step 2).

Note: You may not get to receive a response that minute regarding
to the message you sent. So you are advised to wait for like 3 days before trying
to repeat (step 2) above.
You can still send your quarries or feedback to NIMC Email address:

How To Check The
Status Of Your Kenya National Identity Card Through Online Platform

To do that, visit the site with your enabled internet device
(Mobile phone or PC) by clicking on this link below https://www.identity.go.ke/search.html.
Then enter the first nine digits of the serial number from the temporary
identity card issued to you on registration, with other required details and submit.

That’s all. Now you should see the status of your ID after successful
loading of next page.