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MTN Ready To Roll Out 4G LTE Network In Abuja And Lagos

NCC officially declared MTN Nigeria Network on Wednesday the winner of the 2.6GHz spectrum auction. After they gave out N18.97 billion to the Federal Government of Nigeria as payment to slots which it received within the 2.6GHz spectrum auction.

NCC described this spectrum as a considerable cause for a broadband revolution on the way to unfasten up alot of goodies or blessings which are as follows; extra coverage, to get proper or get right of access to, affordability and innovations, having the client at the centre of these earnings.

The 2.6GHz acquisition, MTN set the diploma for the roll out of 4G LTE broadband net services in Nigeria, As the work is to be started on the fundamental towns of Nigeria, which is at Lagos and that of Abuja.

MTN Network is seeing its fulfillment on this public sale as a large growth to its plan to supply worldwide mobile broadband and LTE 4G network to over 60 million clients in Nigeria.They are working with good plan.

MTN 4G is now available in Lagos but can’t be used at the moment, same also in Abuja. Whichever state you are, just Wait patiently as MTN is working hard to reach all States in Nigeria. What an improvement, they should keep it up.