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How To Fix The Etisalat Unlimited BBlite To Browse Again On Android [ If Yours Stopped]

 You might have experienced failure in connection with the use of the trending Etisalat Unlimited BBlite Tweak earlier today or yesterday. Most of the people I received their complaint about this failure, all was was saying psiphon server refused to connect on their Android device, while some said, they are not able to subscribe for the data, talk more of connecting it with Psiphon server. After making research, I was able to find out the solution regarding to the etisalat bblite data subscription not working with Psiphon and also the new method you can use to subscribe for the daily, weekly and monthly etisalat bblite, if the previous is not working for you.
 The setup doesn’t require much when setting or tweaking it.

Now, let’s make it work again on your mobile phones, first thing to do, is to apply the trick am to show you.
Goto your psiphon and change THE PROXY SERVER to this https://blackberryid.com. Then, force close the Psiphon app and restart it again.

After that, if it refuse to connect or you are unable to do a new subscription to the BBlite plan with the known popular code of Dlite to 399, then use the MID version which is also blazing hot. Like some may ask what is the difference in using MID instead of Elite to subscribe, Well no much difference, but the only difference lies on price.
As the daily sub on “LITE” costs only N70, then, the daily sub on “MID” costs N100 and the both offers you Unlimited data.


The full Details About The Unlimited Etisalat BBlite And How To Make It Work For Free On All Your Android Devices.

Below Are The New Codes For Subscribing The Etisalat BB10 On Android Through MID

Get your phone and Go to your SMS/message box and send:
=> Dmid to 399 for the daily plan
=> Wmid to 399 for the weekly plan
=> Mmid to 399 for the monthly plan

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