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Microsoft About To Let Windows Mobile Users Change Default Browser After Redstone 2 Update

The Microsoft edge browser app
as used by many complained that it didn’t meet up to expectation. Users using it for both mobile and PC has dropped drastically in number according to statistics. The browser as built in windows devices was made as such that, one cannot be able to change it from being the default browser. Its as if, Microsoft was enforcing their users in using the browser app since it was made to be default browser for both mobile and PC windows. And no option was provided in other to remove it from being the default browser.

 As it stands now, the most requested feature especially for those using windows 10 mobile,  is for Microsoft to provide the option for change of default applications to their choice of apps. Microsoft seems to make a move concerning that. Let’s keep watching. Although, in the settings menu,  Microsoft Edge applications now includes a button which reads “Change my default.” which suppose to give the users access to make any choice of third party browser app their default browser. But the obstacle is that, at the moment, the option button for that is not working or performing anything.


The way things are going, it is likely that Microsoft will include such feature that enables windows user to switch the default browser on the Redstone 2 update, and that will be released next year. With the hope of them doing something about the default change, let’s not get too carried away as the  “Change my default” button on the Edge mobile app might just be as a result of code sharing with the desktop version of the browser as the desktop browser happens to come with this feature.

Now, let’s be observant about the change that will soon come to take place in windows devices. What’s your experience in using the default browser officially made by Microsoft. Kindly share if you are using windows device either on PC or mobile phone.