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Best Free Android Apps in 2022 | Latest Updates

Recently, we started sharing updated and trending Android Games and applications for users to download from. We have already shared best free android games apk to download from, rating from third week latest games upload.

Today, we are here on your way to bring to you, all the latest download and installations of best android apps updated for the month of june in 2022. These latest or updated apps are to be shared with the descriptions, the current or available version of the apps and as well as, Direct download links to get them installed on your smart android phones.

We have researched and gotten the major applications updated for this week in Google play store Download portal. So, making things a lot easier for you our fans, in selection of apps to download to your mobile phones, has been made easy and simplified over here.

So feel free to scroll down below and get the most important new app that suit your usage. Note: the list will continuously pile up until we exhaust all the apps recently updated for this current week. So come next week, would be another set of new android apps updated for users to download from.

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New Updated Android apps to Download in 2022

1. Solid Explorer File Manager App Android

Download Solid Explorer Android app v2.7.14 
Solid Explorer file manager Download Android app

This is to bring to your notice that the latest version of Solid Explorer file manager is available for for free download on Android phones. Below is the function of the application.

All Android systems have a file management software by default that can do surface work. But for tasks beyond the simple management of system and non-system files you need a more complete software.

Solid Explorer software is a good option for managing tasks and accessing system root information. This software acts as a file manager under Windows and can fully display the contents of each drive and folder.

Opportunity to view hidden files, open zip files, move files and system folders, and search for files, including Solid Explorer software features .Note: Your phone needs to be rooted in order to get more features for system files.

Features of this File Management APK Software 

The most important features of Solid Explorer android app includes:

  • Very nice appearance
  • Has two separate panels
  • Support for FTP and SFTP
  • Support for cloud systems
  • Ability to create zip files
  • View file and folder views
  • Ability to open zip and archive zip
  • Ability to drag and drop files to copy and move
  • Access to system folders (on rooted phones)
Download Solid Explorer Android app  
  • Download Link to get this app, click here

2. SHAREit Android App Apk

Download SHAREit Android app v5.3.28
SHAREit Download Android app

You must know the name ” SHAREit ” The same great and popular software for fast and easy file transfer. The latest version which is 7.3.28 is available for direct download by android users.

Before, the only way to share files was with Bluetooth and infrared! But now, thanks to advances in technology, it’s possible to transfer any file without limitation in volume using a wireless connection!

If you wanted to transfer a 10MB file using Bluetooth, you had to wait a few minutes! But using SHAREit you can transfer files up to several gigs in the fastest possible time.

No doubt Milk Pool is one of the most useful and necessary software for any mobile device.

Features such as Android mobile connection to PC (wired and wireless), file transfer between two phones, and file transfer using WiFi are the most important features of this software.

You can download and install it right now by scrolling below for the link. But before then, below comes the features of this very Quick File Transfer Software for mobile phones.

features of SHAREit App:

  • A software for fast and easy transfer of files
  • Having media center for better management of media files
  • Ability to send and receive files such as photos, videos, games etc.
  • Having a viewing page Videos
  • Unlimited file uploads
  • Ultra-fast file transfer
  • Convenient and user
  • friendly interface – Batch file uploads

The latest version 5.3.28 came with improved file upload and download speed, best overall app performance, as well as fixes to bugs from the previous version. Scroll right below to download this android Fast File Transfer apk.

Download SHAREit Android app
  • Download and install the new version here 

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3. Password Manager SafeInCloud Android App

Password Manager SafeInCloud apk Download
Password Manager SafeInCloud apk Download

This is actually a Personal Information Management application and we bring to you its review and latest version download.

Every bank card, internet account, email, and even mobile apps have their own passwords. This may cause you to forget your passwords.

Using SafeInCloud app, you can solve this problem and organize your passwords. Below is the details to get this priced app downloaded to your smart phone for free.

SafeInCloud is a secure, functional, high-security software that protects personal information such as passwords, credit cards, etc., so you can access your confidential information at any time and place.

The software is able to store your important information in an encrypted cloud. So even if your mobile is lost or formatted, your data won’t be harmed. That’s why it’s one of the best password management software in Android.

You can download and install it right now by going to the rest , getting to know its other features, and viewing images of the application environment.

Features of Password Manager SafeInCloud App

  • A comprehensive software for keeping important and confidential information on Android
  • High security encryption with 256 bit AES
  • Ability to synchronize information across cloud services
  • Ability to sync with Windows and Mac versions
  • Show the password security of the selected password
  • Having dark and light themes
  • High security of software
 Download Password Manager SafeInCloud apk 
  • Direct download link from here

4. NetGuard Pro Android App Apk

Download NetGuard Pro - no-root firewall APK APP v2.274 
NetGuard Pro Download – no-root firewall APK APP

Are you in need of latest best Firewall android app to download? then this newest version of NetGuard Pro v apk app released is for you to install.

This Android software known as “NetGuard” is a software application to block applications and games from the Internet .

Using the Net Guard program is especially painful if you do not want to use a large amount of your Internet, or some applications use the Internet without your permission, and you want to identify them and prevent them from connecting to the Internet.

It should be noted that this Android software performs a “firewall” function. This way, in addition to preventing applications from connecting to the Internet, if a software is connected to the Internet without your permission and wants to update itself, NetGuard will block it and save your internet usage. (it has the Ability to prevent auto app updates)

This application software has been downloaded and installed more than 700,000 times. You do not need to root your Android phone to use this software. The important thing is that by shutting down apps to the internet, it also saves battery power.

Best Features of NetGuard Android App:

  • A simple firewall for Android mobile phones
  • Ability to control access to any application on the Internet
  • Software function without the need to root the phone
  • Show graphical network speed
  • Manage internet usage for any application
  • Support for IPv6 TCP / UDP / IPv4 technologies
  • View the amount of saved Internet usage volume
Download NetGuard Pro – no-root firewall APK APP

The size of this app is (Size 2.6 MB), download apk file + data here

5. SwiftKey Android app Apk

Download SwiftKey pro
Download SwiftKey pro apk app new Update

New version of SwiftKey app is available for download. Below are the features and description of this Android Professional Keyboard.

The new SwiftKey keyboard apk app version for Android has been released.

One of the most popular and great keyboards for the Android operating system is the ” SwiftKey ” software.

SwiftKey is customizable for your intended use and you can customize this keyboard any way you like. For example, on tablets, you can split the keyboard into two parts so you can type with both hands. You can also type with the keyboard without lifting a finger.

This Android keyboard supports many language and has a lot of emoticons . Note that this keyboard is unlocked and has over 30 themes by default.

Features of the new SwiftKey App:

  • Automatic recognition of words
  • Many language support
  • Ability to customize keyboard appearance
  • Ability to type quickly without lifting a finger
  • Beautiful and varied themes to change the look
  • Has different settings for convenience with the keyboard
  • Has different emoticons usable on social networks
Download SwiftKey apk app Update
  • Download and install the new version from here

6. PicsArt Photo Studio Android App Apk

PicsArt Photo Studio App
PicsArt Photo Studio App Apk for Android phones

You can now download the new version of PicsArt Photo Editing application for your Pictures, images, Video and Collage Maker editing.

Get the best and most powerful Android photo editing software right now in Techbmc and enjoy editing your photos. Create great images.

This image editing app has been downloaded and installed more than 500 million times by users around the world. There is no doubt that “PicsArt” software will satisfy your need to create unique images.

“PicsArt Photo Studio” has many features that if you are not a photographer will tempt you to take a photo and edit your images in this program.

Features of PicsArt Photo Studio Android App

  • Exceptional styling
  • Attractive and stylish frames – Ability to add different clipart
  • Ability to draw with the pen
  • Ability to rotate images, crop, resize
  • Ability Live sharing on social networks
  • Ability to add rotating text and different settings
  • Ability to add beautiful and varied images and stickers to images
  • Having tools to add text to images with different fonts, also the changes of 14.0.3 Added new effects to the app
Download PicsArt Photo Studio App Apk Android
  • Download and install latest version from Here

7. Photo Lab Picture Editor Android App Apk

Photo Lab Picture Editor Android app v3.7.12 apk
Photo Lab Picture Editor Download Android app apk

New Download of Photo Composition Software and Photo Effects
(new Photo Lab Picture Editor version Apk app)

Photo Lab Picture Editor is one of the most popular image editing and editing software with over 800 effects!

This Android photo editing software has been downloaded and installed almost 100 million times by users around the world, and you will surely be a huge fan of this software by installing and running it!

You might like to combine your image with a tiger! Or apply special effects such as fading, light effects, and more to your images. All of these changes are possible with Photo Lab Picture Editor .

In summary we can name the features of this program: having beautiful and stunning effects, different frames, the ability to apply various filters, the ability to assemble and combine photos, equipped with photo editing tools on Android, making collage images and more. We recommend.

Basic Features of Photo Lab Picture Editor Android App

  • A popular image editing software for Android
  • Hundreds of different effects and filters
  • Ability to create collage images
  • Over 700 effects
  • Various frames
  • Ability to combine
  • The app requires an Android operating system of 4.1 and above
Download Photo Lab Picture Editor Android app apk
  • Download new app version here

8. Opera Browser Version Apk Android

opera browser for android installation
Opera Browser download for Android Phones v57.0.2802.51746 apk

Here comes the new version of Opera Browser for Android mobile phones.

Nowadays, all mobile phones can be connected to the internet and with them, different sites can be found. You need a powerful and fast browser to browse websites.

While all mobile phones have their own browsers, you can make browsing your web pages faster and easier by using popular browsers like Opera on your mobile phone and using the various features of these browsers.

Opera Browser is one of the most popular browsers for Android. With its good capabilities, this browser meets the needs of every user.

Opera’s interface is simple and efficient, and you can easily access all the parts you need.

Basic Features of Opera browser Android App:

  • High speed
  • Easy user interface
  • Storage chart
  • Store with software download
  • Full Flash support, Javascript
  • Unlimited tab openability
  • Bookmark sync Computer
  • Easy Zoom In (2 Fingerprint)
  • Off-Road High Speed
  • With Speed ​​Dial for Quick Access to Favorite Sites
 Download Opera Browser for Android Phones apk
  • Install the browser application from (size: 70.8 MB) here 

9. Firefox Andorid App Apk

Firefox android browser
new Firefox android browser Download Apk

Here comes release of New version of Firefox browser (for Android mobile phones.

Firefox is a popular, albeit powerful, browser that, thanks to its high security and speed, has been able to create a large place among web browsers due to its dynamism and simplicity.

If you are an internet user, you may not have heard of this popular and popular browser. Firefox gives you a unique experience of surfing the web.

Now we have shared the released of this latest version popular Android mobile browser. Firefox browser meets what you might expect from a good browser.

Basic Features of Firefox Android Browser

  • Private mode
  • Fast loading web pages
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Support for all kinds of mobile phones
  • Bookmarking and managing bookmarks
  • Show blogs as best as possible
  • High security Along with privacy
  • Supports video formats
  • Font size on web pages
  • Social sharing
  • Ability to install plug-ins, such as blocking ads, etc.
  • Ability to save web pages Next Offline View
Download new Firefox android browser Apk
  • Get the browser from here

10. Lockdown Pro Premium Android App Apk

Lockdown Pro Premium apk
Lockdown Pro Premium Download apk for Android devices

Today’s phones have a variety of capabilities. These features make it possible for you to install a variety of software on your phone, some of which may be private and secure, and you don’t want anyone to have access to them.

For example, there are applications where you can store your bank card passwords. Or your photo gallery, which is a private cell phone. You can encrypt all these applications with one software so no one can access them.

One of the best and most reliable lockdown software is called Lockdown . With this software you can separately encrypt your software to prevent anyone from accessing it.

The Basic features of Lockdown Android App

  • Ability to fast lock on software
  • Adjustable to lock new software
  • Time-based password setting
  • Ability to lock all applications
  • Ability to choose the type of lock between password, pattern
  • Free software
Download Lockdown Pro Premium apk for Android devices
  • Download this Application Lock Software for Android phones Here

11. iKeyboard Android App Apk

Download iKeyboard apk v4.8.2.4174 Android
iKeyboard apk download v4.8.2.4174 Android

Here comes an IPhone Keyboard application for Android phones, The app is known as iKeyboard with neweat version.

iKeyboard is an Android version of the iPhone keyboard. This app shows you the keyboard like the iPhone keyboard. The iPhone keyboard has a lot of functionality and is also one of the funniest mobile keyboards.

In addition to having a theme similar to the iPhone keyboard, this keyboard has different layouts and you can customize the look to your liking. It supports many language and has many emoji. You will definitely enjoy working with this keyboard.

New features of iKeyboard Android App

  • Support language
  • Simplicity and speed in typing
  • Has over 1200 different emojis
  • Automatically predict words by entering a few letters
  • Great variety of themes (with similar themes for iPhone keyboard)
  • Has a variety of emoticons usable on Instagram, Telegram, and other applications
Download iKeyboard apk Android
  • Download IPhone Keyboard on Android device Here 

12. ESET Mobile Security Android App Apk

Download ESET Mobile Security Android Apk v5.3.26.0 
ESET Mobile Security Android Apk Download 

This Antivirus Node 32 Android app known as ESET Mobile Securit, latest version has been released and the version. Get the direct download link below.

Due to the increasing number of viruses and malware, the importance of security and antivirus tools is no secret. Antivirus Node 32 has been well-established in the field of security software for several years and has gained popularity. In this article, we introduce the NET 32 Mobile Antivirus , ESET Mobile Security . This antivirus is one of the top Android security tools in the Google Play Store with a very good rating of 4.6. This Android antivirus, while having a simple and user-friendly interface (which makes it easy for users to use), protects your phone in terms of security such as assorted security and skilled work.

This program is secured by the constant control of installed or in-process applications.

Antivirus ESET Mobile Security from your private information will be protected. Newer versions of this software have added many features that we will continue to explore.

Important features of ESET Mobile Security Android App

  • Control and management of installed software
  • Permanent inspection of the phone to detect malware
  • Anti-phishing (preventing theft of banking information)
  • Ability to block suspicious and infected sites
  • Block capability Annoying messages and calls
  • Having anti-theft and tracking system
  • Having a very user-friendly environment
  • Daily and automatic updates
Download ESET Mobile Security Android Apk  
  • Download and Run this app on your mobile phones from here

13. Google Chrome Browser Android App Apk

Download Google Chrome Browser for Android v80.0.3987.117 Apk
Google Chrome Browser download for Android Apk

You may be using the popular and extremely powerful Google Chrome browser while you are surfing Techbmc.com

We all know the Google Chrome browser and are aware of its features and distinctions such as security and high speed. This browser has a lot of speed and capabilities that will help you in a fast and secure web browsing. And now here comes the latest version of the app released on Google Play Store.

Browser Google Chrome for Android allows fast browsing of web pages, easy searching, and provide high security for your mobile. In this post from Techbmc, we have released the latest version of Google Chrome for Android mobile smartphones.

Features of Google Chrome browser Android App

  • High speed
  • Famous Google company
  • Easy to use user interface
  • High security while browsing web pages
  • Unlimited tabs open
  • No ads and free software Software
  • Prevents Spy-ware attacks and malicious functions
  • Easily find cached passwords through settings
  • Protect data and passwords entered in various Internet environments
Download Google Chrome Browser for Android Apk
  • Google chrome android browser download from here
  • Or from play store Here

15. Adobe Photoshop Express Premium Android App Apk

Download Adobe Photoshop Express Premium apk android v6.5.599
Download Adobe Photoshop Express Premium apk android v6.5.599

Here is the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Express Premium version 10 for Android mobile devices.

We all know Adobe Photoshop software as a professional image editing tool that is mostly used by experienced people and graphics professionals. You may think that you need a lot of knowledge in graphics to retouch and optimize your images professionally. But it is not!

Today, various software and tools are available for mobile platforms that enable professional optimization operations for all users. And what better software than Photoshop ؛ that can edit and optimize your images with its advanced tools. In this post we introduce the official and official version of Adobe Photoshop Express software for working with images on Android phones.

Adobe Photoshop Express is a mobile version of Photoshop software that is capable of editing images using similar widgets in the desktop version and applying a variety of visual effects. With Adobe Photoshop Express Android image editing software, you can improve your phone’s camera and gallery images and produce better output.

The software can open up to 12 megapixels high quality photos. One of the old problems and limitations for designers and graphic designers was the lack of support for PSD files on mobile. But with this software you can edit Photoshop PSD files inside your phone , and access them from any device by syncing them to the cloud servers of Adobe servers. If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can download this app below.

Updated features of Adobe Photoshop Express Android App

  • Ability to resize watermarks
  • Ability to create and edit layers
  • Online tutorial videos
  • Crop to real size
  • Featuring a variety of filters and effects
  • Professional photo gallery management – Collage photos and collage photos
  • 2 gigabytes of free cloud storage
  • Customizable image resizing
  • Ability to sync with Adobe Creative Clock app
  • Dozens of tools for adjusting and optimizing photos
  • Supports Photoshop PSD files for Windows
  • Sharing images directly on social networks
  • Features for text customization and add-ons Graphics markup
  • Has different features and settings for beautifying images, highlighting, adjusting light contrast, etc.

Highlights of the new version:

  • Resizing Watermark
  • Added various features to the software
  • Added new font look and styles
  • All round improvement
Download Adobe Photoshop Express Premium apk android 
  • New photoshop Mobile app download Link 

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