List of Infinix Devices To Receive The Latest Android Nougat Update With Official Stipulated Date

 Infinix Company has scheduled the official date for some
of its smartphones to receive the Nougat Update. So users using any of the
devices which are already listed below with scheduled date can proceed to upgrade/update
their phones once the Nougat becomes ready.

 Most of Infinix users
prefer infinix smartphone brands to other local mediatek smartphones. Reason is
because Infinix manufacturers tends produce their smartphones to at least
receive one or two firmware update, whether the mobile phone has low end or may
be flagship smartphone.

If you are a regular reader of this blog’s content, you will
recall that sometime ago precisely last month, Infinix mobile phone manufacturing
Company released the latest Android Nougat update for its infinix Note 3 and infinix Note 3 Pro, and I updated about it here on Techbmc. Now they are
set to release the Nougat update for their eligible devices and the dates has
been published already.

It is good for you to know that the beta version usually
comes before the main official version. It is done that way because, the beta
version usually comes with lots of bugs and only interested users are expected go
for it at that moment. So the main official update comes after most of the bugs
have been resolved and fixed, and also when the device’s ROM has been made more

So having taken note of that, below comes the full list
of Infinix smartphones to get /receive Nougat update and with their official
scheduled date. 

=> Infinix Zero 4 Device: From Marshmallow to Android
Nougat: By End of April, 2017
=> Infinix Note3 Device: From Marshmallow to Android
Nougat: By End of April, 2017
=> Infinix Zero 4 Plus Smartphone
* Android Nougat Beta 1: 25th of May
* Android Nougat Beta 2: 15th of June
* Android Nougat Final: 15th of July

=> Infinix Hot4
* Android Nougat Beta 1: 30th of May
* Android Nougat Beta 2: 20th of June
* Android Nougat Final: 20th of July

=> Infinix Hot4 Pro
* Android Nougat Beta 1: 30th of April
* Android Nougat Beta 2: 20th of May
* Android Nougat Final: 5th of June
=> Infinix Hot S Mobile Phone
Update coming so soon.

I believe by now, you must have seen from the above list
if your mobile device from infinix makes it to the official update or not. If yours
is among the devices, then get ready for the upgrade and should in case you didn’t
receive/get the OTA update, then you can proceed to update it manually. 
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