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How To Create WhatsApp Chat Group Link For Direct Invitation

WhatsApp Group invitation link has been out for a while
now, although, it first came out on one of the top ranked version called GBwhatsapp
mod, before other mod versions in town. As it is now, we are still looking
forward for the Group link feature to be embedded on official latest Whatsapp
apps for Android, iOS devices like iphones/ipad, and PC, Mac etc. Meanwhile, as
we are still waiting for the feature to be rolled out officially, let us
proceed in exploring the available alternative.

This post was last updated on (8th April, 2017.) Therefore, Whatsapp Group join link
has been rolled out officially for Whatsapp App. Read on to create and activate
yours on the latest Official whatsapp app, latest whatsapp prime, and on latest
Gbwhatsapp mod etc. on Android OS, iOS, Windows Mac etc.

The Group invite link is quiet a good one for mass
invitation to any of your created Whatsapp group, like group for chatting with
friends, family members or for money making businesses( e.g. online networking business
and so on,) that requires getting clients together on social media chat
platform for guidance.

As an Admin that needs to add up new members to the
whatsapp group you own, instead of first saving their phone numbers on your
phone book (contact list) one after the other, before talking of adding them up
to the whatsapp group. Now Whatsapp has saved you the stress of doing such, as
all you need to do in order to get all of them added to the group is just to
give them the whatsapp group link to click on. And once they click on the link
to join the group, they will be added automatically.

The method is very easy
and simple to use when adding up members both people you know and those you don’t
know as long as they have an active Whatsapp account they are chatting with at
the moment. So, just share the group link on any online platform like Facebook,
Blog websites, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram etc, and people will click on it to
join your whatsapp group for free without even the administrator’s approval. So
no more adding of members manually to your group since this one is the best 
alternative for doing that. But if you still insist on
adding anyone manually, that’s fine, as both group link and manual invitation
option are free for you to be used on the latest Whatsapp app.

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Below are few advantages you may want to know about using
the latest whatsapp Group Link invitation:
  • Anyone can click to join your whatsapp Group Link
    invitation from any whatsapp enabled smartphone with paid or free internet or
    Wifi connection.
  • Once you share the link to any online or offline platform
    as mentioned above, users/members can join without the group admin Permission.
  • Admin can block or remove any unwanted member from the
    group once added.
  • It is stress free and Straight forward, as you can add
    new members without first adding their contact or phone number to your phone
  • You can make any invited member via the link, one of the groups
    Administrator if you so wish.
  • With the group link, you can invite up to 256 members to
    join for free.
Having seen the advantages above, to create WhatsApp
group link won’t take you up to 2 minutes using the fastest method in 2017.
Just follow the steps below in creating your own WhatsApp group link invite and
start sharing the links for people to join for free.


>> Download and install the Latest Whatsapp App
from Google Playstore for Android Users and for iOS users, get it on Apple
store. Now get it installed on your Smartphones.
>> You have to be the Whatsapp Group Admin so as to
be able to create the group group link invites for your new group.


>> Login on your Whatsapp Account and create a New
Group with any name.
>> Now click on Group info >>
followed by Add Participant >> and then, click on “invite to group via link” to create
the link.
>> Once created, go ahead and start sharing the
group link to get new members.

To Create Group Invite Link On Whatsapp Prime Apk

Creating your own Whatsapp group invite link using WA
Prime is quite simple and easy to carry out. Just follow below steps to achieve

>> Before you proceed, first Uninstall the official
WhatsApp app from your Android mobile device.
>> After doing that, download and install WhatsApp (WA)
prime Apk from this link Here. OR from this link.
>> Remember you are to be an Admin in order to
access the group invite link, so ensure to be an Admin.
>> Launch the WA Prime App and login with your
Whatsapp Account, selecting your region and other details required.
>> Next, click on the group you wish to create
invite link for, and then click on +
(Add Member) option.
>> There you will see “Invite to Group via Link” just
as the one explained above, now click on it and copy the link displayed to you.
That’s all. You can now invite people to join via the link.

to create Whatsapp Group Invite Link On Latest GB Whatsapp Mod

>> Get the latest GB whatsapp apk free version
installed on your device by downloading it from Here.
>> Launch by opening the downloaded GBwhatsapp and
enter your phone number you used in creating whatsapp account before now,
whether MTN, Etisalat,Glo, Airtel etc any network at all. Then wait for auto number
verification to finish its processing.
>> An option to back up your data will pop up, you
can choose to back your data up or skip if you don’t want.
>> Now click on the group you wish to get its
invite link or create new group if you like.
>> Next, click on Menu icon and you will see Group
also click on it.
>> Now Press on + button and click on “Invite
Group via Link’
Now, the group link should be generated successfully,
just copy it and do whatever you like to do with it.

That’s all for how to create Whatsapp Group link on GBwhatsapp,
Prime WA and on official whatsapp for Android, iOS, and Windows Mac users.
Enjoy and share the post with friends. 

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