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How You Can Share or Transfer Etisalat Data (MB) From One SIM To Another

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I bring to your court, a simplified solution on how to transfer data with your Etisalat from one sim to another. Earlier today, I received a mail from a fan here, requesting for a tutorial on how he can transfer Etisalat data from one sim to another. So after giving him the solution, I thought of posting it here for you guys who are yet to discover such, in order for you to benefit from it. What a wise decision from Techbmc, lols. I know you are interested, so let’s forge ahead. Before i came up with this post, I was busy brainstorming on how it will look like, by then, I had so many thoughts which some of them are; what could be the minimum megabyte one can transfer? What code will one dial to achieve this? What are the requirements? etc. Hey are you having the thoughts already? If you are,  free your mind because, the solution is here already for you. One interesting part of this, is that you can sell to people when you have enough and same time in need of money. So, to have it, this can go a long way to benefit you.
Transfer Etisalat Data

What You Need To Know Before Proceeding
==> The Etisalat data or megabyte sharing code can only work on monthly data bundles which you subscribed for on your sim. And will not work for megabytes gotten from Etisalat promos, free megabyte gotten from cheats or tweaking un less the cheat or tweak is that of monthly data bundle.

==>It is certain that you will have at list 100mb on your etisalat sim in order for you to be able to get the data transferred to another sim.

How To Get Your Etisalat Data BundleTransferred To Another Etisalat Sim

==>Now dial this *299*Recipient’s Phone Number*Data amount (data will be in

==>For Example, let’s assume you want to share/transfer 60MB to this number 08091895321. Then the code will look like this
*229*08091895321*60*0000# after dialing, you send.

==>As you can see from the above, the pin I used there which is 0000 is a default pin for Etisalat data transfer. You can change it if you want to your own private 4 digits by dialing this code this
way *247*old PIN*New PIN# 
You are done with Etisalat data transfer having done all given above. Have a good evening with sharing etisalat data bundles to your loved ones.